Learning to focus

To focus, means to make a mental effort to be aware.

Here are a few exercises that will allow you to become more aware of psychic experiences around you.

Paying attention.

Messages from your psychic intuition are very faint. They are a whisper, rather than a shout.

You must practice focusing on these quiet messages, or you won’t perceive them.

A first, you will find it difficult distinguishing between your thoughts and your psychic intuition. You will think that you are making it up. Here is one way to tell the difference. Psychic intuition makes you feel peaceful, balanced, confident and positive. Your psychic intuition speaks to you in a calm, soft, soothing way.

Here are some exercises.

  1. Next time you go for a walk, try and predict the color of the first car coming towards you.
  2. Next time your are about to be introduced to someone, try and predict their first name.
  3. If you about to ask someone their starsign, try and predict it first.
  4. When you are facing multiple elevators, try and predict which one is going to arrive first. You can also try and predict hom many people are going to step out of the elevator.
  5. Next time you are at the supermarket or a large department store, glance quickly at the checkout operator. Don’t look at their name tag. Try and predict the checkout operator’s name.
  6. The next time your telephone rings, don’t look at the caller ID. Try and name who is calling you. You can also try the same thing when someone knocks on your door.
  7. Try and predict the weather in a few days time. Don’t try and predict it for tomorrow, as weather patterns change slowly. Try and predict the weather in 3 days time. Write your prediction in a diary. (we will cover psychic diaries in a later article).
  8. Try and predict the general theme of the main newspaper headline in a few days time. If there is a dominant current event occuring at the time (election, sporting event, etc), then try and predict the 2nd or 3rd newspaper headline. (The current event will dominate the headline). Write your prediction in a diary.

If you practice these exercise often, your ability to focus on psychic experiences around you will increase considerably in as little as a few months.