Palm Reading in Sydney Australia

Discover the secrets that lie hidden in the palm of your hand.  Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your future potential using palmistry.

I offer accurate and detailed palm readings from my office in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

To arrange a palm reading phone me on 0409 652 191.

Alternatively if you can’t get to Newtown, Sydney I offer Palm readings on CD.

This customized 45 minute audio cassette or CD reveals the real you and includes a future forecast.

You also receive the handwritten notes referred to in the taped palm reading.

$100 (includes GST and postage).

Please send good photocopies, close-up digital photographs or high resolution scans in JPG format of both hands to the address below.

Alternatively, email your pictures or scans to

Order Methods

Order palm readings Online – Secure Online Transaction

Order palm readings by Mail – Print out this form

Face to face Palm readings are also available from Newtown, Sydney.

While palmistry reading based on photos and photocopies of hands are accurate, face to face palm reading are even more accurate.