How to Practice and Improve Your Psychic Abilities

Most individuals who are born with special abilities tend to ignore their intuition, allowing their potential psychic abilities to be wasted. With people who are born with special gifts, only few of them realize that they have psychic abilities. This spiritual skill can be developed to become perfect.

People with psychic ability or commonly known as clairvoyants need meditation and inner peace practice sessions to keep their psychic abilities strong. However, without following certain steps, psychics can end up living in suspense. Below is a list of ten steps to improving your psychic abilities and use them correctly.


Overcome Your Fears

This is the very first step that you need to do as psychic ability and other supernatural powers can be frightening. However, fear can hinder your chances for improvement, and it can increase negative energy from the other side. This means that you need to face you fear and become brave to get in touch with the other side of the world or the spiritual dimension.

Your psychic ability will allow you to foresee unnatural things that you don’t expect. This is part of having this power and you need to embrace this gift as you’re one lucky person to have it. Think of all the good things that you can do with your psychic powers to make you feel comfortable having it.


Take Time to Relax

Falling into a deep state of relaxation is among the things that you need to undergo when practicing your psychic skills. Most people with this gift breathe or mediate slowly while giving deep concentration on nothingness. Deep state of relaxation would not only clear your mind, but also changes your brain wave patterns. This action decreases the metabolic rate of your mind and body and relieves tension.

Besides, this can also cure hypertension and improve your heart health. Meditation also serves as a temporary alternative to the prefrontal cortex, allowing you to make a better mental performance and boost energy levels. These things are exactly what you need to get in touch with the spiritual world. Just release your stress freely and breathe.


Believe in Yourself

You will not improve your psychic abilities if you have negative thoughts about your own self. Remember that negative thoughts can hinder the development of your psychic abilities. No matter how long it takes to develop your skills, have faith on your own self, stay upbeat, and never quit as you will definitely meet your goals on the right time. You can seek for inspiration wherever and whenever you can. Let go of skepticism that you have and allow your own self to give trust on your supernatural power as well as the power of the supernatural.


Improve your Psychometry Skills

The psychometry skill is among the abilities that you can get from your psychic gift. You can develop this skill by finding objects with a special history that you’re unaware of. You can touch these objects until you feel strong energy flowing on it. Try to connect from present to past and concentrate as long as you need to.

Touch these objects until you get strong feelings. Really try to connect with their past. Concentrate for as long as you need to until you feel anything connected about the history of that particular object. Just remember not to force and put pressure your own self as this can lead to frustration. Not seeing anything from a certain object bound to happen most of the time, and its completely natural.


Maintain Positive Attitude At All Times

How to practice and improve you psychic abilities successfully is doing whatever it takes for to feel content in your way of living. This may seem difficult, but it is actually easy. All you need to do is to take time to unwind for once in a while and find other hobbies that you enjoy doing. Negativity and stress are your enemies as it can hinder you from getting relaxed and inhibiting you to turn your attention and focus to your psychic abilities. This means that you need to become free spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before to you move into a deeper level of consciousness.


Expand Your Imagination

This is highly important to hone your remote viewing skills. Remote viewing is a psychic ability that will enable you to visit different places mentally and without being there physically. You can practice by imagining the places you plan to visit the following day. You can imagine anything from your friend’s houses, and even grocery stores can work. You can also imagine that you’ve been at that place before you go to sleep. Take note of the colors, people, and objects that you see in your dreams to make them always fresh on your mind.


Read Others Thoughts

You can strengthen your telepathy abilities by trying to read thoughts of other people. This gift will enable you to communicate your thoughts with other people without uttering a single word. You can practice by making a guess on what other people are thinking at the moment you see them. The best way to do this is have someone help you do it. Ask your friend or someone in your neighborhood to select from random playing cards and figure out which card they choose without giving you a clue. Doing this kind of exercise every day can actually help you develop your psychic skills. This type of supernatural powers requires deep concentration at first and take a longer period of time to develop, but can become easier to use with practice.


Do Not Use Your Psychic Abilities for Personal Interests

Psychic ability is a gift that is meant to be used in helping other people. At some point in your life, you will have a question in your mind whether to use your psychic skills for your personal interests. You need to make a choice on how to use it, and you always need follow your conscience. You also need to understand that people with this gift and tend to use it in a different manner lose it. A power like this is not given to you to be used in gambling or predicting who will win over game matches. Always reconsider using your special ability for doing well and not for your personal needs.


Use Your Psychic Powers to Resolve Differences between You and People around You

People with special gifts cannot live naturally unless they have resolved the issues between their own self and other people in the surrounding. You will not be able to develop and perfect you psychic abilities if you’re not at peace with people surrounding you. This means that you should avoid fighting, and quickly resolve conflicts in your life. You can still argue, but learn to do it reasonably and constructively work toward solutions. Trying to prove your side with anger can result to havoc and hurting other people, and this can worsen the existing problem. Besides, meditating can become difficult if you’re carrying personal issues with other people.



Frustration can arise after trying everything that you can, and you still not seeing improvements. However, you need to push yourself further and practice wherever you go whenever you have a time. Developing your psychic ability is actually a hard work and you need to push yourself to its limits before you hone your skills for perfection.