Caution !!!

Run away from any "psychic" that claims you are cursed, but they may be able to help you - for an additional fee! This is an old scam, and many people have lost a lot of money dealing with these people.

Avoid any psychic that claims to be 98%, 99% or 100% accurate. This is utter nonsense! Only God is 100% accurate. I am very accurate, but I don’t claim to be a God!

Stay clear from any "psychic" that insists you return again and again for repeat psychic readings. A few psychic readings a year is acceptable. Anything more is unnecessary. You should become suspicious if a psychic encourages you to talk to them every month, every week or even every day!

Avoid any psychic that sells lucky charms, trinkets, holy artifacts or other similar magical items. Think about it - if someone owned a genuine lucky charm with real magic power, do you think they would sell it to a complete stranger? Would you?