Tarot: The Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is also called the Four of Rods.

This Tarot card depicts a happy home or work environment. This is a lucky card when it shows up in a psychic reading.

Flower wreaths show a celebration. Success. There is much joy. Settling into your current environment. Stability at home. This is a lucky card when it shows up in a psychic reading.

This card basically shows a happy home.

In a relationship reading, it can indicate a stable, long-term relationship and everything that goes along with it: love, commitment, engagement, marriage, home and children.

It can also indicate an actual property, that is, buying or building a home and anything related to this, e.g., Architects, builders, tradespeople, decorating, gardens, etc., The Property is an actual home and not an investment property. This is your home, not a house. (An investment property belong to the suit or pentacles or coins.)

In a career reading it can mean happiness in the workplace. The people in your workplace feel like close friends or family. It can also indicate starting a home based business or working from home.

When reversed, this card can indicate Instability or disharmony at home and at work. A temporary home. Feeling disconnected from your home, people living with your or your workmates. It can also mean an uncommitted person.

If this card shows up when trying to determine timings, the timing is spring.