Intuition or imagination?

When you first start out developing your psychic sense you may have some perfectly natural initial doubts:

“How do I know it’s really my intuition talking?”

“How do I know I’m not just making things up?”

“How do I know it’s not an overactive imagination?”

This is one of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to using or developing their psychic abilities.

The fact is that our intuition is always switched on. It is always giving us information. Imagine a radio station, playing constantly and quietly in the background. The music is there even if you don’t really hear it. A little bit like a constant sound coming from the back of your car. Every once in a while you may become conscious of it but usually it just blends into the background. A pleasant view, a gentle sound or a hunch can quickly get lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. But because your intuition is always with you, it colors your life through your thoughts, emotions and moods. Subconsciously, you are absorbing information from it all day long. This is how we get ‘gut-feelings’, hunches, flashes of insight and instincts for a situation. Our subconscious sends us intuitive information, and suddenly something hits us as being ‘off’ or not quite right. On the positive side we may feel ourselves incredibly drawn to a particular person, an idea or a situation. Sometimes our hunches show up as an ‘Ah ha!’ moment of insight. These are the ways our intuition usually communicates with us.

Now, how can we consciously try to access our intuition? How can we get answers to very specific questions? In other words, how can we get information about the issues we are working on now?

There are several methods we can use. We can sit down and meditate. We may dowse the answer. We can use various divination methods. We can use tarot cards, runes, angel cards, or any other tool we find attractive or to which we feel drawn. In effect, what we are doing is turning up the volume on that psychic radio. At the start we may be a little confused or disappointed. “This can’t be my intuition,” we think. “It’s only my imagination.” We think that because the little psychic voice inside us sounds just like our own. It does not seem inspirational or earth-shattering.

However, the music of our intuition has been running quietly in the background all our lives. Is it any surprise that when we turn up the volume every song seems familiar? There are no lightning bolts, no Angels singing Hallelujah, no fireworks, no striking visions that remove us completely from reality. No burning bushes. No booming voice resounds in our head, gifting us with crystal clear revelations that change our lives. That’s the Hollywood version, but that’s not how it happens in real life.

The voice of your intuition is a quiet, familiar voice. It’s your own! They are your own thoughts. Your intuition is a part of you! It’s been with you every day of your life. The difference is that now you’re paying attention. You are focusing. When you consciously tune into that little voice, those images, those thoughts and those feelings you need to learn to trust them. Believe in your own inner wisdom. Act on what that small, quiet, familiar voice says.

Your very first impression is your psychic intuition. Be confident. Don’t doubt it.

Subsequent impressions, the ones you dwell upon, analyze, fantasize, rationalize, moralize, and question are your imagination, logical mind, assumptions, prejudices and fears.

Trust your first impressions, your psychic intuition.

Trust your gut instincts and see how your life unfolds.