Psychic Dreams and Clairvoyance

Psychic Dreams and Clairvoyance

In a limitless and timeless dimension each night you are able to step into a new realm through your subconscious. This place allows your mind to take control of your psychic powers and dream. Dreams are influential to us and allow us to make predictions and experience things we may never be able to in the conscious realm.

Many (but not all) Psychics have psychic dreams.

Dreams Take on Three Different Types:

Precognitive Dreams

This kind of dream takes on the role of predicting future events. For example, you may dream of someone who you have not seen in ages and then you actually run into them the next day or so. Precognitive dreams are amazing and not only predict good, but are capable of predicting negative things such as death. It is common for these dreams to reveal to you even the smallest of details that may take place in a future event.

When interpreting these types of dreams you will need to make sure it is a precognitive dream and not just a personal thing that the person relates to which builds in the person’s psyche. It can be difficult. Another reason it can be hard is the event may not take place right away as some of these types of dreams do not fulfill for years.

Telepathic Dreams

If you have ever had a dream that someone you knew was ill and later found out that they were or had been in the hospital then you have had a telepathic dream. These types of dreams allow you to touch the consciousness of someone else revealing their thoughts, life situation, actions, and so forth. Telepathic dreams are amazing and once the telepathic channel is open during a dream nothing can stand in the way, not even distance as you can connect with someone from a different continent or as close as someone in the same house as you. If your soul is close to another, nothing can stand between your dreams.

Clairvoyant Dreams

The remarkable thing about these dreams is you are able to psychically connect to a situation that might have taken place or even an object. Social events and natural disasters are examples of things that you might dream about. For example, you may be dreaming of a horrible earthquake that hit some part of the world and you wake in the middle of the dream to find the news reporting an earthquake on the other side of the world. When things like this happen the dreamer’s clairvoyance is amplified. These dreams offer evidence that we are joined to the body of the Earth and changes can be perceived by our minds in the dream state.
Along with these types of dreams there is also Psychic Spying. This ability is just like it sounds. Someone actually spies on others through dreams to find out secrets about the other person. This amazing ability is can be learned by training your psychic mind. You should never invade someone else’s privacy.

All of these types of dreams can be hard to identify but an intuitive mind can differentiate between them. You can adopt this approach as well as do some follow up such as call a friend if you dreamed they were sick to see if everything is okay.