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Date: June 2005


Dear Friend,


In this issue, I will discuss one of the most powerful divination systems – Chinese Numerology. This is also called Eastern Numerology or Karmic Numerology. I will refer to it as Chinese Numerology.

Numerology (Part 5)

Introduction to Chinese Numerology 


What is Chinese Numerology?


Chinese (Karmic) Numerology is the oldest recorded method of divination. It appears to have been developed independently in Ancient China and Ancient Greece at about the same time. Pythagoras popularised it in Ancient Greece, and this system is sometimes called the Arrows of Pythagoras. In China, it is called the Lo Shu Numerology.


This method of Numerology is very easy to do and very accurate. It allows you to build a complete picture of a person by simply knowing their date of birth! And, unlike Astrology, you don’t require their time of birth nor are there are any complicated calculations to perform.


Try it!

The Eastern Numerology Grid


To begin an Eastern Numerology reading, follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Draw a 3 x 3 grid.

image003 (2)



Step 2 – Write out your date of birth using 2 digits for the day, 2 digits for the month and 4 digits for the year, eg  21 10 1981 or 03 01 1996, etc.


Step 3. Write each number in your date of birth in its correct position in the grid. All zero’s go underneath the grid. 


The correct position for each number is shown below.

image004 (1)


In other words, the table above shows where all the numbers in the date of birth are written.

All 1’s in a date of birth go in the 1 position, which is in the bottom left side of the grid. All 2’s go in the 2 position, which is directly above the 1, etc.


So someone with a date of birth of 21 10 1981 has the following grid:


Someone with a date of birth of 03 01 1996 has the following grid:

image005 (1)


It is impossible to have a chart in which there is a number in every square!


1.   Draw a straight, thick line through any column, row or diagonal that has at least one number in each cell, like tic-tac-toe (naughts and crosses). Also, draw a dotted line through any column, row or diagonal that has no numbers in all 3 cells. Ignore the zeros when drawing lines.


See the example below:


The date of birth of 21 10 1981 has the following grid and arrows:

image006 (1)

Yet another example for the date of birth of 03 01 1996:

image007 (1)

When 3 numbers appear together in a row, column or diagonal (solid lines) they’re called positive arrows.


When 3 empty cells appear together in a row, column or diagonal (dotted lines), they’re called negative arrows.

Interpreting Numbers in Grid

Every number in the chart has a meaning. Every arrow has a meaning. The arrows will be covered next issue. The numbers are covered below:

The Number 1

In Chinese Numerology, the number 1 shows how a person communicates with others. It also relates to their level of confidence. Everyone born in the 1900 to 1999 will have at least one 1 in their numerology grid.


Number of 1s Meaning
1 These people find it very hard to communicate their innermost feelings. They also find it hard to see the other person’s point of view. These people are a little confident.
2 These people express themselves very easily. They can understand other people’s point of view very well. This is the perfect number of 1s to have in your numerology grid. These people are confident.
3 There are two types of people who have three 1’s in the numerology grid…those who never stop talking or those who never say a word! Many of these people can be both, depending on the situation. These are generally happy, content people. They tend to be entertainers or work in the communications industry. These people are very confident.
4 People with four 1s in their chart find it very difficult to express their thoughts and feelings verbally. They are very sensitive. They are frequently misunderstood. They find it very hard to relax. These people are extremely confident.
5+ People with five or more 1s in their grid experience enormous difficulties expressing themselves verbally. They often express themselves through writing, acting, painting, sculpture or dancing. They’re easily addicted to food, drugs and alcohol. These people are extremely confident.



The Number 2

In Chinese Numerology, the number 2 indicates how sensitive, perceptive and intuitive a person is. It also indicates how co-operative, diplomatic, and tactful they are. Everyone born in the 21st century will have at least one 2 in their grid!


Number of 2s Meaning
1 These people are sensitive, perceptive and intuitive. They are easily hurt. They can easily detect insincerity and dishonesty in others. These people are somewhat co-operative, diplomatic, and tactful.
2 People with two 2s in their grid are very intelligent, sensitive, perceptive and intuitive. They can detect the motivations of others, and their first impressions of other people are usually correct. These people are very co-operative, diplomatic, and tactful.
3 These people have an overabundance of sensitivity and intuitive energy and can be easily hurt. They are aloof and live in a world of their own feelings. They prefer being on their own instead of with other people who might hurt them. They usually lack confidence early in life. These people are very co-operative, diplomatic, and tactful.
4 These people are hypersensitive and too emotional. They overreact to small problems. They prefer to be alone. They suffer from self-doubt, lack of confidence and lack of trust in others. These people are very co-operative, diplomatic, and tactful.



The Number 3

In Chinese Numerology, the number 3 relates to memory, intellectual capacity and the ability to think clearly and logically. It also relates to a person’s creativity. 


Number of 3s Meaning
1 These people have good brains, creative minds and excellent memories. They should continue to study and learn all their lives. They’re generally lucky and optimistic.
2 These people have good imaginations. They’re very creative. They are slightly eccentric. They also have the ability to put thoughts into action. Many become writers.
3 These people have excellent mental abilities and a rich imagination. They find it difficult to relate to others because they are self absorbed by their own thoughts and live in their own world of dreams. These people are extremely creative.
4 These people are too imaginative, too creative, and as a result, too impractical.



The Number 4

In Chinese Numerologythis is a practical, hard working number. People with this number are usually neat, tidy, hard working and good with details. They also enjoy working with their hands. This number is considered a little unlucky.


Number of 4s Meaning
1 People with one 4 in their grid are usually practical, hardworking, and “hands-on” type of people. They prefer facts to imaginative ideas and unproven theories. They can organize others and carry out plans. They’re materialistic. They like music and handcrafts.
2 These people are very organised, and like to complete what they start. They are conscientious, accurate and tidy. They love making things with their hands.
3 These people thrive on physical activities. They are hard working, and can easily become workaholics. As bosses and employers, they can become slave drivers. For some reason, they end up working in the wrong field.
4 These people are totally immersed in physical activity and find it difficult to relate to people who are intellectual, emotional or spiritual.



The Number 5

In Chinese Numerology, the Number 5 relates to emotional balance and stability. It also relates to love of freedom and variety.


Number of 5s Meaning
1 These people are emotionally well balanced. They are compassionate, understanding and caring. They can motivate and inspire others to achieve.
2 These people are very intense, driven and determined. They are enthusiastic and restless. They love their freedom, and will run if they feel overly restricted. They have trouble controlling their emotions, and frequently have emotional outbursts. This creates domestic problems.
3 These people are prone to speaking without thinking and can unwittingly hurt others. They have a great deal of drive and energy. They enjoy freedom and adventure. They are risk takers.
4 These people need to stop and think before speaking or doing.



The Number 6

In Chinese Numerology, this number relates to home, family and responsibility. 


Number of 6s Meaning
1 Those with one 6 in their charts have a great love of home and family. They enjoy domestic responsibilities. They make good parents. They worry about being widowed and left on their own. They have creative potential.
2 These people worry unnecessarily about their home and family. This strain causes them to need more rest than most people. They tend to be overprotective parents. They are very creative.
3 These people are overprotective and possessive of their children and loved ones. They have considerable creative potential. They tend to look at the negative side of life. They stress and worry over little things.
4 Highly creative people. Everything affects them emotionally, which makes it hard for these people to fit in to everyday life.



The Number 7

In Chinese Numerology, the number 7 represents lessons learnt through disappointment or loss.


Number of 7s Meaning
1 People with one 7 in their grid are likely to learn through losses of love, possessions or health. As they learn from these experiences they usually become more and more interested in spiritual topics.
2 These people gain much wisdom by losing love, money or their health. They become interested in the psychic or occult worlds. They have good analytical brains.
3 These people often live sad lives caused by major disappointments in areas of love, health and money. They develop tremendous reserves of inner health.
4 These people have had major losses in love, health and money…sometimes all three. Fortunately, this combination only occurs on 3 days every 100 years.



The Number 8

In Chinese Numerology, the number 8 relates to attention to detail and how restless someone is. 


Number of 8s Meaning
1 These people are methodical and good with details. However, they find it difficult to finish what they start. They have active, restless minds and need constant, mental challenges. They have good problem solving skills.
2 These people are very perceptive and conscientious. They have fixed views and opinions, and find it very hard to change their minds after they’ve made a decision.
3 These people are restless. They need much change and variety in their lives. They do well in business and finance. They can be excessively materialistic.
4 These people are extremely restless. They have a very strong need for change and variety. Once they find something they love doing, their lives improve. Until then, they live aimless lives.



The Number 9

Everyone born in the 20th Century has at least one 9 in their grid. In Chinese Numerology, this Number is a humanitarian number, representing how someone cares for the welfare of others. It also represents idealism and valor. Finally, it represents how well someone finishes what he or she starts. 


Number of 9s Meaning
1 These people have a strong desire to improve themselves and to improve the world. This explains why so many technological and social improvements were made in the 20th century.
2 These people are idealistic. They are also very intelligent, but tend to look down on those not as mentally gifted.
3 These people are idealistic and caring. They are happy and positive.
4 These people are highly intelligent, but live with their “heads in the clouds”. There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and these people often cross backwards and forwards over that line. They have a lot of mental power, and can change the world for the better if they apply it.



The Number 0


The number 0 (located at the bottom of the grid). In Chinese Numerology, this is a very important number. It represents Karmic debts that a person has accumulated from their previous lives. Karma is the belief that one reaps in this lifetime what one sows in previous lifetimes.


The more 0’s, the more Karmic debts a person has accumulated from previous lifetimes, and these need to be repaid in this lifetime.


For people with Karmic debts, the same types of people keep showing up in their lives, or the same situations keep repeating themselves over and over again. They always find themselves in exactly the same situations. These people often say, “Why do these things keep happening to me?”


More Chinese Numerology in the next issue!


Bye for now!



Dr Peter Filis