Psychic Power Newsletter

From: Dr Peter Filis
Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Phone: 0409 652 191


Date: February 2006

Dear Friend,
In this issue, I will reveal more secrets of reading Tarot cards intuitively.

This is useful for a psychic. You dont want to give text book Tarot readings. You want to use you intuition!

In Palmistry, we will look at the significance of the positioning of the thumb (a high-set thumb versus a low-set thumb).

But first, some hints on remembering the meanings of Tarot cards.

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Tarot Reading (Part 5).

Remembering the Meanings of Tarot Cards.

Many students starting to learn the Tarot fail to remember some essential meanings of particular cards.

Some of these meanings are printed on the cards themselves as symbols and images.

The beginner may have not really noticed these symbols and images. This is because beginners do not really look closely at the cards. They do look at the cards, but they don’t notice the detail. Even if these details are pointed out, beginners fail to notice these details next time.

If you really want to see all the details in the Tarot cards, and see them each and every time you use your cards, then there is only one way to do it. You must hand-draw and color each and every card. Yes, each and every card! I have done this several times for each of my tarot decks. It will take you some time, but your skills as a Tarot reader will grow enormously. Hand-drawing and coloring each card is not as difficult as it sounds. You can do this even if you have no drawing skills. It involves using the right hemisphere of your brain. Incidentally, you use the right hemisphere of your brain during psychic or intuitive reading. This exercise will also improve your Psychic or Intuitive powers.

Please follow the steps below.

Don’t skip any steps.





Select the card you want to draw.

In this instance, it is the Ace of Rods.


Turn the card upside down.

This is very important! 

If you draw the card while it’s upside down, you will be drawing with the right side of the brain.

You will surprise yourself as to how well you have drawn it.

Try it!


Draw the Tarot card.

Use a pen or a hard pencil.

Don’t try and make a perfect drawing. No one else need see your drawings. Just draw as best you can.


Turn the Tarot card and your drawing right side up.

You will be surprised at the quality of your drawing it.

Try it!

Add color to the drawing.

Use anything available to color it in, e.g. watercolors, Colored pencils, colored markers, etc.

I have used watercolors here.


This is the finished picture. It’s no work of art, but a very useful learning tool.

If you were to draw and color this exact card, you would always notice the bright, sunny sky and the fresh, sprouting, spring leaves. These will be covered in a later newsletter.


Tarot Card of the Month: The Empress

The Empress is a mother, a wife or a girlfriend. She is the Great Goddess. She is Mother Nature. She is the Queen Bee.

This card almost always represents a person.

It is usually interpreted with reference to the card immediately following it.

Pick three meanings from the explanations below.

Choose the three with which you most identify.

Meaning 1:

The Empress can represent a mother, or a mother-like person in your life, that is, your mother, mother-in-Law, Grandmother, Aunty, older sister, female boss, female teacher or female mentor. She is kind, loving, caring, and giving. This female is always older than the sitter. She either has children or is currently pregnant. She is never single, separated or divorced, but might be recently widowed.  

This card could represent the sitter if she is a mother or mother-like figure.

Look at the card immediately following the Empress to see the situation surrounding your mother or mother-like person.

Look at the example below. Assume the Empress represents your mother.

Guess what it means before you continue reading.

Mother is going to get what she hopes for.

Mother is about to get her wish.

Can you see it?

Memory aid:

The Empress looks like a mother – a mature woman with large hips, large thighs and large breasts.

Meaning 2:

The Empress can be a powerful and influential woman of childbearing age. She is stately and classy. She is well-liked by all, and respected by her male peers. She is very practical – she has her feet firmly planted on the ground.

This card can represent the sitter if she is powerful, influential and well-respected.

Look at the card immediately following the Empress to see the situation surrounding this powerful and influential woman.

Look at the example below. Assume the Empress represents your female boss.

Guess what it means before you continue reading.

There is a large amount of money coming your boss’s way.

Can you see it?

Memory aid:

Think of a powerful and influential Empress ruling an Empire. Look at the card. The Empress sits on a Throne and holds a Scepter. A Throne and a Scepter are symbols of power and authority. Note also that her feet can be seen to be firmly touching the ground. This is different to the High Priestess, whose feet cannot be seen to be touching the ground or are both resting on the moon.


The Empresses feet are firmly touching the ground.


Meaning 3:

The Empress can be a sexually active woman of childbearing age.

This card could represent the sitter.

If the sitter is male, it can be his wife, his girlfriend or his mistress.

Look at the card immediately following the Empress to see the situation surrounding this sexually active woman.

Look at the example below. Assume the sitter is a happily married wife, but she is unemployed and looking for work.

Guess what it means before you continue reading.

She will find well paid work very soon.

Can you see it?

Memory aid:

The Empress is sexually active. Look at the image. Notice her legs? They are open. This is very different to the High Priestess, whose legs are crossed or together.

Meaning 4:

An over-protective or interfering mother (or mother-like person).

This card can also represent the sitter if she is an over-protective or interfering mother.

This card will often show up if a male sitter is a “Mummy’s boy”.

Look at the card immediately following the Empress to see the situation surrounding this over-protective or interfering mother.

Look at the example below. Assume the sitter has an over-protective mother. Assume the over-protective mother is meddling in her daughter’s love-life.

Guess what it means before you continue reading.

This overprotective and interfering mother is causing her daughter much heartbreak. She is causing problems in her daughter’s love-life. She is coming between her daughter and her daughter’s partner.

Can you see it?

Memory aid:

See the Shield? The shield is a symbol of protection. Think protective mother, then think of an over-protective mother.

Meaning 5:

An upcoming pregnancy and birth.

Memory aid:

The Empress looks pregnant. The ripe wheat and the lush foliage are symbols of fertility. The flowing water in the background represents life, as there can be no life without water.

Meaning 6:

12 months of abundance. 12 months of plenty. 12 months of comfortable living.

Memory aid:

The field full of ripe wheat and the fruit on the Empress’s dress indicate abundance. Look at the cushions of her throne. She is sitting comfortably. The 12 stars on her crown indicate the 12 signs of the zodiac, that is, a period of 12 months (see, I told you that you must look very closely at the detail!).


12 Stars on her crown.


the empress crown


Meaning 7:A period of domestic stability and happiness. A happy home and family. Memory aid:The Empress looks happy. Her partner has just given her a bunch of flowers or an ice cream (yes, I know it’s a Scepter, but this is a memory aid!

The Empress rests on comfortable pillows and cushions.

A happy Empress holding a bunch of flowers.


A happy Empress holding an ice-cream cone.


Meaning 8:

Your plans are progressing nicely. You are nearly there – just one or two more steps.

Memory aid:

The wheat that you previously sowed has ripened. All that remains is reaping what you sowed.

Your wheat has ripened. Go and harvest it.


Meaning 9:

Acting like a mother-hen. Worrying and fretting over nothing. Worrying about your children, your relationship, your family, your home, your friends, your job, your finances.

Memory aid:

Imagine a kind Empress needlessly worrying about her Empire and her subjects.

Meaning 10:

You need a holiday to the countryside. You need to spend more time outdoors. It’s time to get back to nature.

Memory aid:

The Empress is sitting comfortably in the countryside.

Palmistry (Part 10)

This month, we will look at the significance of a high- and low-set thumb.

We are not looking at the length of the thumb, but where the thumb joins the palm.

A low-set thumb.

A high-set thumb.


A low-set thumb.

A low set thumb joins the hand at the bottom of the palm.

Look at the midpoint of your palm. That is the point between the base of your first (index) finger and the wrist fold. If the thumb joins your palm below this midpoint, you have a low-set thumb.


People with low-set thumbs are very independent, autonomous and prefer solitude. They enjoy solitary activities and pastimes. They tend to have few friends.


A high-set thumb.

A high-set thumb joins the palm above the midpoint of the wrist fold and the base of the index finger.

People with high-set thumbs are very sociable. They base their lives around the lives of others. They prefer social activities and pastimes and have many friends.


That’s it! More next month.



Peter Filis