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It seems like the world is surrounded with enigmatic happenings that even science cannot find ways to explain it further. In fact, there are creatures exist that can make your whole body thrilled. One of these creatures is well-known as tarot psychic. Their exceptional skill can lead you to several questions.

A psychic makes you wonder about the philosophy behind their perceptive minds. They can make your entire body thrill for a moment. They may also mesmerize you with their unexplainable talent to predict upcoming events. However, you may come into speculation that can this single psychic foresee extreme accidents in order to prevent it? Is it really a skill or an innate talent? Are they given by that extra-ordinary expertise to help or to create fears on any one?

These are extremely thought-provoking questions and perhaps remain unanswered questions. Some of the inferences about this marvel are hard to explain with full conviction. But there are people who keep on believing that there are things that can thoroughly explain about this phenomenon which is truly cryptic. It is expected to get explanation that is merely believable to be absorbed by the lucid mind and that is demonstrated with good values through the use tarot which does not require confirmation and disapproval to the previous clarifications.
This article is mainly about the mysterious faculty of intuition and its connection to the unconscious mind of people. Talking on the intuition, it does not identify paranormal but rather say mystery. As Jung defined intuition is perception over unconscious. There are people who keep on referring the tarot reading including the I Ching for about couple of years. There are people that may encounter difficult instances that make their smooth work to stop. However, after a minute of checking the situation there are instant helpful ways entering into your mind. You will be amazed of the way this is able to work when you keep on thinking the difficulties. This only means that people’s intuition is working on it. There is a great chance that the primary step people were made acquires essential idea passed to the unconscious mind which has the access to get into the memory. All the assimilated and acquired facts go into the memory. It is not reliable to say but it could be true and acceptable.

Therefore, it clearly shows that the unconscious or the id in psychology has the ability to do other superbly astonishing things that the conscious mind cannot. The magic there is to find the way to collaborate it with the conscious mind of the people. And this is where the tarot works. Tarot cards are mainly composed of pictures and symbols, which are precisely the medium of communication with the unconscious mind. A single person can only see one’s dream or fate and that is psychic.

Although, it is a fact that every card has several meanings and its images and symbols agree only to a particular area of one’s life example pentacles associate with love), any would tell that what is existing put into the prophecy and there is a part of it that can relate to any part established in the card. The images and the symbols drawn in the card have broader connotations that the psychic should link to the situation of the questioner. This is mainly called as total interpretation. What commonly happens to other is the direct association of the symbols and its meanings to a particular incident in the present condition. It only means that intuition sees the symbol and will identify it the way it fits with the situation where the person is in. this kind of recognition is mostly complemented by import feelings as well as amazement stage. This case, the unconscious mind is urging an individual to categorize it as “crucial”.

The same situation does not stop on it, on the origin of precision transported to a single part, additional relations with the other features comprised the situation can also be clearer and being amazed to the things that unconscious mind can do to link with other things. Additional cards needed to the process until you reach the feeling of being in the comfort zone to continue with the work being taken up.
In spite of all people have intuition, not all have exactly the same ability to use it. Going by to the philosophy of Jung, he said that he treat intuition as one of the four basic and important functions of mind. The remaining three are sensing, feeling and thinking. Furthermore, he addressed that these functions to be opposite of polar; that explains feeling to one pole while the other is for thinking; intuition to the other end and sensing to the opposite end. He supposed that the preference of one pole over the other end lead every individual a psychological type. The definition of his intuition was taken from his volume with a title “Psychological Type”.

To clarify things, there are people can do good tarot reading. There are expert and professional psychic that can give good tarot interpretations. They are primarily using their intuition to interpret people and their cards. The unconscious mind can pick up on all signal manners during their discussion.

Tarot works on one’s capacity to read the mind of an individual as well as the card designated to a single person. Always keep that everyone has the intuition but not all has the ability to do tarot reading. Psychic are fortunately given the talent to see the fate of the people in order to guide them in their way to achieve their goals, dreams and ambition in life.

What makes this tarot reading more interesting is the hope it gives to those who believe on them. Aside from that this provides great entertainment. There are so many tarot reading online today but be sure to find the one that could give you real fun and excitement.

In order to become a good psychic, you need to the learn the Tarot and you need to learn it well.

Learning the total of 78 Tarot card meanings is truly a daunting task but here, you will learn some tips on how you can have a thorough understanding of your Tarot cards. You will also be able to get effective techniques that will enable you to deal with your tarot cards efficiently on a higher level. These exercises will etch the different Tarot card meanings into your inner self. In addition, it can even enhance your psychic ability in order for you to cope with various aspects of your life accordingly. This will definitely help you achieve an excellent connection to your Tarot cards as you gain thorough understanding about them. It is highly recommended that you make use of good reference materials of Tarot card meanings. Here are some of the useful tips for learning Tarot card meanings.

1. Analyze the Illustration on the Card
The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck of cards show different scenes that you have to pay close attention to. Look at every Tarot card and notice the scene that is illustrated on it. You have to try to think what the imagery on the card implies. For instance, the Eight of Cups illustrates an image going away from the stack of eight cups. This scene may mean that the figure is looking for something that it has to leave the cups. Perhaps, the Eight of Cups means moving on. This Tarot card means that you have to leave something even you have worked really hard to have it. You have to search for deeper meanings and fulfillment.
Make an impression about the card and compare it to the impression given by your reference material. There are some cards that do not provide obvious illustrations but this tip will be effective particularly on the cards in Minor Arcana.

2. Analyze the Symbols
Run through your deck of Tarot cards and pick a symbol on every card then try to give your own impression of that symbol. From your impression, you can have your meaning which you will just compare to the meaning given by your book of Tarot card meanings. For example, The Fool Tarot card shows a sun on the right corner. That symbol on this card means optimism. The Hermit’s Lantern card illustrates a shining star which means the light that guides your conscious awareness. The Page of Swords stands on uneven ground which represents instability. These symbols works as memory triggers that enhance your psychic ability.

3. Analyze the Qualities of the Tarot Suit
Separate the cards of Major Arcana from the remaining group of your cards in your deck. Set the Court cards and Minor Arcana cards into 4 groups which include Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups. Every suit has a specific quality and represents a particular aspect of your everyday life. Wands represent the element of Fire which includes aspects such as vocation, creative drive, passion and spiritual aspect. Pentacles are the Earth element which represents money, health, body and the physical world. Swords serve as the Air element that includes aspects such as communication, thought and mental aspect. Cups show the Water element which represents relationships, feeling and emotions. Your psychic power will be enhanced when you analyze your Tarot cards as you are able to handle different aspects of your life with the guidance of these cards.

4. Pay Attention to the Numerical Qualities
Gather all the Minor Arcana cards from your Tarot deck and arrange them according to their sequence number. Group the Aces, the Twos and so on until you complete the ten groups of 4 cards. Now, try to find for their similarities such as the theme on each number group. Sometimes, there are obvious similarities but sometimes, it is hard to look for them. You also have to look for the differences of each card that belong to the same number group.

5. Pay Attention to Movements or the Lack Of Any Movement
Run through your Tarot deck and pick the cards that illustrate obvious movements. Take out The Knight of Swords, The Tower, Five of Pentacles and Five of Wands. You can create an impression based on the movements illustrated on each card. The movements represent a meaning that can improve your psychic ability. Now, take out all the cards that do not show any movements. This group includes Knight of Pentacles, King of Wands, Four of Swords and The Hanged Man. Now, try to analyze how the lack of any movement represents a significant aspect in your life.

6. Create a Personal Evaluation of the Tarot Card Meanings
As you analyze each card, you will be able to relate an illustration on the card to a particular moment in your own life. You may also relate the meaning of the card to anyone you know. The Four of Cupsreminds can represent the time of your life when you got job offers which are not actually your interest. The Knight of Cups will also remind you of your friend who always follows her heart. Making personal Tarot card meanings will help you gain deeper meanings that can guide your everyday life. This exercise can even boost your memory and your psychic ability.

7. Jot Down Keywords on your Tarot Cards
Write some keywords on each card’s back portion. This will help you remember Tarot card meanings as you go through your deck. However, it is advisable that you make use of your old deck instead of your new one. Writing on the back of your cards can ruin them. Some of the Tarot cards meaning learners do not opt for this choice but, if you still cannot memorize Tarot card meanings, you must give this technique a try. This will definitely help you learn the meanings as you can read them as you look at each card.

These tips on learning your Tarot card meanings are truly easy to follow. You will definitely learn them and use them as a guide on your everyday life. Tarot card meanings do not only help boost your memory but they also enhance your psychic ability. You will be able to deal with the different aspects of your life accordingly when you gain a deep understanding of Tarot card meanings.

You can say that Tarot actually works when it is able to provide accurate description of the events that will happen in your life over the years. Tarot cards can be considered as a truly useful guide in your life when you can get even 80-85 per cent definite representation of the different aspects of your life. However, Tarot card readings still have some downsides as there is 15 to 20 percent chance of inaccurate descriptions.

But, the good thing is that the accuracy of Tarot card readings may still depend on the person who reads these cards. There are some readers who can close the gap tightly but there are also some who cannot even provide you with a significant level of accuracy. That is why it is really important that you look for a Tarot reader who can give you a level of accurate description of the different aspects of your life.
But how Tarot readers are able to provide you with accurate and specific details by simply reading the cards? Well, no one really knows how but still, a lot of people go for this option as a guide for their lives. When you try reading your own Tarot cards, you will find out that you have psychic abilities which must be developed. Everyone has psychic powers but not all people may be aware that they possess them. As a matter of fact, Tarot readers believe that everybody is “psychic” as they were able to witness it. However, nobody believes that Tarot cards are magic even though psychic readers take care of them as if they are extremely precious.

The experience of reading Tarot cards and actually gathering specific and accurate details about the life of people is truly a powerful one. For this reason, the practice of Tarot reading is well respected by most people. Even if no one really knows how or why Tarot readers are able to do it, the practice actually works. There are some theories that can somehow give a hint on how Tarot reading works. Tarot is only one of the many methods of divination, and this practice is also a small part of the wide range of divination practices that involve the enhancement of psychic abilities. In this essence, you must first gain a thorough understanding of divination and psychic abilities before you truly understand Tarot.

There are some components of psychic ability which are quite clear. One of the clearest elements is that any part of your mind that has access to information that can be acquired from your physical environment will not be able to do so when the intentional parts of your mind will not cooperate. In other words, your conscious mind has to connect to your subconscious in order to gather information from the physical environment.

The conscious mind is also referred to as ego and the subconscious is called id. These two components must work together in order to carry out your mind’s processes accordingly. You cannot control your subconscious directly; that is why you have to connect with it through your conscious mind. When you say or think something, your subconscious mind will receive the message and will respond accordingly so that the intention will be fulfilled.

There are latest scientific studies that can support this idea. One study indicates that optimism among athletes result to physiological reactions that include the increase of endorphins level in their body. As a result, athletes push faster, further and harder and are able to deal with pain efficiently. On the other hand, negative thinking prevents the increase of endorphins levels and the body of the athletes will not be to cope with difficult situations accordingly.

This is a fact that no one even knew before scientific studies are conducted. In the case of psychic process and ability, it is also true even if there may not be a concrete explanation about it. You will only be able to accept that the idea is true when you experience it yourself. It may be quite challenging for you but, you will definitely gain knowledge about the practice of Tarot reading as you learn the practice of divination.

It will really be difficult for you to make peace with this concept especially when you are hooked with the idea that only the tangible, observable and measurable things are true or real. However, what can you say about things such as emotions, religious faith and love? Do you think they are not true or real just because they cannot be measured or something? Do you think there are people who fake their emotions, religious faith and love? Yes, they can fake these things just like there are people who fake their psychic powers. It means that everyone has the capacity for psychic ability, emotion, faith or love but they may not be connected to those things at the very moment they claim that they feel them.

However, there are also a lot of people who do not fake those things. These are things that come out naturally from the person’s inner self. Consistent observation and logical explanation can confirm your reality. But, your reality may not be dependent on your capacity to perceive it in such a way that will make perfect sense to you.

Going back to the concept that Tarot card readings actually work, the studies and theories will be able to tell you if it is really true. Psychic ability is also true as it is somehow explained by studies which are supported by facts. You have a psychic ability just like other people do. However, there are a lot of ways that people use it. To make it clearer, psychic ability is the ability to receive or send information directly, without having to use the elements such as scent, taste, touch, sound or sight. Divination is the practice of gathering particular information through a specific psychic method with the use of tools.

Now, you have the answer to the question. Tarot card readings truly work. However, you have to understand that Tarot cards do not do anything. They are tools that readers use to convert information which is from a psychic level into details that can be conveyed in words.

Can you earn a Living as a Professional Psychic?

Some people know that they have the so called psychic clairvoyant ability. The psychic clairvoyant ability is considered as a talent that dictates their life, work or simply defined as a unique skill that they want to gain over time. There are also psychic readers that are willing to be trained in order for them to adapt their talents and be good enough to earn a living as a professional psychic reader. If you truly possess the gift of psychic reading ability, it will serve as your excellent way in order to earn an exceptional living. As the new trends of technology especially the internet has grown in their respective fields, psychic websites started to attract people that grew beyond the so called psychic hotlines that existed in the past. The potential consumers nowadays are professionally educated and therefore, less likely to be fooled by the fake psychic readers. From all walks of life, most people come to visit websites that offer their viewers clairvoyant readings since they require immediate answer to their life’s questions.

Don’t think that you can earn a lot of money doing psychic readings. Sure, the hourly rate that psychics charge might seem high, but psychic readings are demanding. You will only be able to do a certain number of readings per week. If you push yourself too hard, you will burn out.

The most significant gift for a psychic reader is the faith, confidence and their own hidden abilities that they want to explore in the realm of life. If you consider psychic clairvoyant ability as a career, it is very important that you put in your mind the factor that considers where your talent truly lies in order to determine the type of psychic that will suit your personality. If you are truly interested in face to face readings, online readings, spiritual guide, psychometrics, palm reading and Tarot cards, this article will truly help you in order for you to know the essence and significance of earning a living as a professional psychic.

The first step in learning the type of psychic reading is deciding which one will perfectly suit you. If you already chose the perfect type of psychic reading that will suit you, it is the best time for you to practice your skills before offering it as a form of paid service to the public. You can also try free psychic readings that will help you in order to boost your confidence as well as sharpen your interpersonal skills that will provide you with feedbacks from your clients which will serve as a valuable tool in order to attract new potential clients.

Initially, you need to charge less than other psychics. Later, you can charge market rates. Once you start getting too many customers, you can charge more than market rates.

It is also recommended that before you start your psychic reading, you need to clear your chakras and empty your mind in order to avoid distractions in your thoughts. Never overbook yourself in order to avoid clairvoyant skills to diminish. Edgar Cayce is considered as one of the well known psychic readers who did not perform two readings in a day. It is very important that your psychic readings are accurate and reliable in order for you to gain traffic to your schedule. If you also prefer to have a psychic network, bear in mind that you need to write a brief description of your psychic abilities that includes photo of yourself and important information such as psychic training and background. Lastly, take your psychic readings seriously and be honest with your dealings in order to gain trust, referrals, repeat business and positive feedback that will bring you to become one of the well known psychic readers in the world.

In short, you can earn a living as a professional psychic but it will take you a few years (2 or more) to build up your business.

The future lies at the hands of every individual around the world. Everything that happens in the life of every individual is something that is related to all the decisions and actions made. Only those individuals who are capable of knowing what is best for them can become more successful than those who can’t. Fortune is a mere fact that only exists in the balance of negative and positive auras that surround every person. It is up to the people if what kind of response would be their action to fight or to stop the possibilities of accidents and problems in their lives. All of these things are no longer new to a psychic, an individual who has the capability to predict the future of every person.

Psychic reading is already a tradition in the culture of every nation around the world. This process of fortune telling and prediction of what will happen in the future is being managed by a person that has an extraordinary ability called psychic. Most of the time, this kind of amazing power that is being manifested by an individual attracts many people around the world. Many people are trying to find out what will happen to them in the next years of their lives by consulting a psychic. Whether the problem is all about life or something that is very sensitive, the fortune teller or destiny predictor has a quick response and prediction to share with the client.

Most of the time, psychic reading is being considered by many people as a way of securing one’s future by telling the person about the possible destiny and happenings in the next stages of life and existence in this world. Advice is given in this mysterious activity to make sure that the positive aura will remain constant in the feelings of all clients. A person who is conducting this process of fortune telling and predicting different kinds of events has the ability to stop or to oppose the bad effects of expected misfortunes by telling a person of what must be done to prevent the possible accidents that may destruct the life of the client. This individual who is conducting psychic reading is also a good partner towards achievement of great success for some people more especially if they have great faith in everything that is being shared with them. A mysterious phenomenon that can never be explained by an intelligent person, this special ability of a certain individual does not have a sufficient proof for its reliability, but most of its results and predictions have already saved and helped many people.

Psychic reading is a combination of the different kinds of abilities that only a mysterious and amazing person is able to possess and to use. This ability is not hereditary and cannot be learned by an ordinary individual. It is an ability that can never be explained even by the dominion of science and technology. Only those people who are gifted and granted with this kind of extraordinary ability to predict the next chapters of the life of every person can perform psychic reading. This process of fortune telling and prediction of the future can be conducted by a person who possesses this great ability in cell phones, cards, crystal balls and through a personal conversation to make it more credible in the eyes of their clients.

This ability can never be under estimated. It brings new changes in the life of every person around the world and it can also revise the destiny of the client in just one session or conversation. It is something that serves as a gift of God to share and to help people in need. Sometimes, the reputation and reliability of these individuals who are conducting psychic reading are dominated by the negative feedbacks of some people who are victims of the fake power and trickster. It is a fact that some of the persons who are trying to push their luck in this kind of mysterious services are only interested in money. Regardless of the possible effects of their fake as well as deceitful predictions in the life of their clients, they only think of what they will receive after sharing a set of simple statements and a demonstration of fake spells. But, not all people who are conducting fortune telling and predictions are similar to those who are showing fake predictions and power. It is because the existence of clairvoyants, claircognisance, clairsentinence as well as clairaudience has already proven that this kind of activity offers some important advice and tips to uplift the confidence and positive aura of hopeless people and individuals who are striving for great success.

Many other expectations can also be associated with the existence of this mysterious ability. Some individuals have already shared their point of views and prospects about this. Like for example, in terms of privacy, some people are expecting that all of the things that will be shared in their actual conversation during the destiny reading will remain a secret after the session. Of course, it is a responsibility and an ethical value that must be practiced by all fortune tellers and clairvoyants in preserving the privacy of personal aspirations and secrets of their clients. They are not serving those in need just to put them in a shameful moment of being mocked by other people due to carelessness and vociferousness. Another thing that is promising in this prognostication of destiny is the presence of comforting speech. It is really true that the burdens of life and the existence of so many problems bring too much stress and sufferings for a person. In order to make sure that all the negative statements about their destiny will never affect the client’s vision in life, some comforting advice and words of wisdom must be verbalized by the psychic in the whole duration of the spell and prediction as a way of building a more positive feeling and aura for all clients.


If you are one of those people who believe in psychic reading or tarot reading, there are just many ways that you can consider getting a complete reading, either in-person or online. You can also choose to have it done over the phone or Instant Messaging, depending on the service offered by the site or the Reader that you have chosen.

Maybe you have already picked out the method that you want to undergo, but the only question that you may have is if the reading would be worth it. If you are among these people who want to get the best tarot or psychic experience, check out the following tips that you can do for getting the best out of the services:

• Pick the Psychic Reader Carefully
Whatever reading method you are choosing to get, it is necessary that you will pick the right Reader for your needs. Take time to know everything about the Reader that you are about to pick. You can start from reading leaflets to searching online. This will give you the advantage of learning whether the services that the Reader is offering is suited for your needs or not and will make you aware of its prices, as well.

• Realistic expectations should be set
Expect the things that you are about to get from a reading. Say, for example, you are asking for a psychic reading, expect that you can get this from the Reader. It is best that you will keep all your expectations as real as possible to be satisfied for the reading. As you get the reading services, you should set any expectations about what you should feel after the reading.

• Be realistic
Keep in mind that everything a Psychic Reader would tell you will depend upon the real things that may happen in your future. If you are given the information about your future, your actions and others’ free will may affect the changes that you will have in the future. It is also important that you will have an open mind of entertaining the things that you should do to change your future and not relying everything to the Reader since he or she cannot change it for you. Never attempt to ask them about specific lottery numbers, since they are sure to make use of these for their own advantage.

• Take time in finalizing your questions
Before going to the Reader, list down all the questions that you are about to ask the Reader. Keep all important questions at the top and the least important ones at the last. Inform your Reader about these questions you have already listed, to let him or her know about the sections or topics where the readings should start first. This is an effective way of saving much of your and your Reader’s time. Take enough time reading these questions to make sure that you will have all answers for such questions.

• Follow the one reading rule
Make sure that when you visit a Psychic Reader, you will follow the one reading, one Reader and one main topic rule. In this way, you will be provided with a complete reading that is related directly with the topic that you are concerned about to get a continuous reading. There are times when you change the topics that the readings contradict each other. This may affect the first reading, which may seem that the reading was a lie. So, to prevent this from happening, it is best that you focus on asking about a particular topic first.

• Be open-minded and accept the truth
One of the expectations that most people have whenever they are going for a psychic reading is that, they want to have a fairytale-like reading. Unfortunately, this is not true. What you can get from an honest Reader is only the truth about what they see for the questions that you have asked. Be open-minded and do not keep your mindset with the things that you just want to hear. Deal with the truth and learn to accept it.

• Try to relax
It may sound easy but there are people who find it difficult to relax during psychic reading sessions. As you feel nervous or anxious about the reading session, there is a great chance that you will not be able to set your attention with the reading. It may also affect you by not understanding the entire reading at all. Keep yourself calm and make all your problems and troubles away from your mind.

• Keep your tummy full
Hydration and being full before you get a reading is really important. It is also recommended that you bring in some snacks and a bottle of water, in case, you feel thirsty or hungry. This will help you to focus on the reading session and not what your tummy is telling you.

• Never attend a reading session under the influence of substances, drugs or alcohol or hungover
Since you will be provided with a reading, being hallucinated by any substance or drugs will affect the way you handle the readings from the session. There are times wherein, you will not remember any psychic reading provided for you by the Reader and even forget what you are supposed to ask him or her. Give yourself a specific day to take a reading session with a clear mind.

• Never forget to have fun
Do not take the reading seriously. These psychic readings should be taken as a form of entertainment but words by real Readers should somehow be kept in mind. Readings are made to be fun. Some even hire Readers during parties and make it possible to get readings at the same time, which brings more fun to guests and clients.

As you consider doing these tips before a psychic, tarot, astrology or other forms of reading sessions, you are sure to absorb everything that a Reader would tell you about your concerns in life. It sure to be your way of having a guide in your life and do whatever would resolve your problems based from the advice of the Reader.

Nowadays, people want to predict if there is a good future that awaits them. Their purpose of going to a psychic or fortune teller is to have an idea if they will become rich, famous, contented and happy. In other words, they are expecting to get positive answers about their dreams and desires. Not only reading the fortune is what an excellent fortune teller does. They can give insights about the way of looking or thinking about something about the life of people.

People often search for a psychic to ask if they can figure out what will happen in their lives. They will request for help on the right path to take to overcome difficult situations or problems. Aside from that, they want to get a clearer view of what will happen on their surroundings and the people around them and what are signs to be expected.

Psychic reading is in the form of astrology (predictions which is basically observed according to the alignment of stars, planets and the sun) and aura reading (entails the analysis and observation of feeling). Playing cards reading (involves the use of a cards), cleromancy (with the use of tiny objects it reads by mutual proximity, orientation and position) and distant readings (can be done without even meeting the reader).

People need to give up something in order to get something. They should learn how to choose wisely and prioritize those important things in life. They should give up those things that are not necessary. A person likes predicting done by people who are professional in this field to know information about them in advance. They are using it to know what to do if in case those things really happen to them.

Persons get a fortune telling when they want to think of alternatives, or they can sense that deserved to know where their future lies. They wanted to seek advice about the vocation, love and personal things. People think that it may be a guide to their questions they wanted to be answered. To illustrate it further, examples are given like in a holiday location might appear not important this possible future effect or result can really be moderately far reaching.

After being given the advice about the destination a person reunite with their future partner. People are aware of this kind of thing that is occurring and they seek psychic reading. They use predicting to assist them in their difficulties. They want a simple life that is full of happiness.

Everybody wants fulfillment. Due to this, they are given the idea to change what is needed to be change in order to achieve their goals. Their beliefs and dreams are really important and that’s why they want to know more about it. Aside from that, they are desperate to know their futures because they believe that someday, they will become successful and wealthy man.

Its disadvantage is that if the prediction is actually true there is no suspense because they knew it already and besides they don’t know what to do if it happens in real life. If you know what will happen already, there is no fun and excitement and if ever it is not true the persons who make them read by another person will live in lies.

Some people get psychic readings because for fun. Because they’re bored. Because they have nothing else better to do. There is nothing wrong with that!


Through generations, there exist alongside humans, spiritual entities that guide and protect people even without their knowledge. People call them the Spirit Guides. These Spirit Guides have inhabited the Earth long before Guardian Angels. They have previously manifested themselves in human form but due to constant incarnations Spirit Guides have undergone, the Spirit Being evolved. The purpose of the existence of the Spirit Guides is not to order how people live their lives, but rather to give guidance, protection, and direction towards the correct path. But still, it is dependent on people if they will heed their calls and follow the messages they convey or continue the usual human destructive ways.

Since these Spirit Guides have undergone constant incarnations. They have become highly evolved beings that are spiritually pure. This purity has set them apart from mere mortals, posing a problem for people to fully decipher their messages. But, genuine psychic mediums have the ability to actually see them physically and speak to them. The messages are deciphered through accurate readings that mediums interpret.

Spirit Guides can present unique recommendations to a person’s situation (such as guidance in decision making especially on relationships, worldly affinities, and professional matters). They are knowledgeable and know where the key to a person’s bliss lies. By precise psychic readings by potent medium, people can grasp the information that the Spirit Guides relay to them.
3  Common Spirit Guides Who Help People Live their Life Best
There are varied types of Spirit Guides who assist mediums decipher accurate psychic readings. Below are the three most common spirit guides:

1.    Gate Keeper Guide – People have energy gates. This guide stands guard at the energy gate, monitoring and controlling Spirit Guides who fancy working with people. This guide offers protection to people from getting negative energies and vibrations, and prevents these negative vibrations from penetrating.  Gate Keeper Guides are always around to assure that other Guides are conducive to a person’s own vibrations.

2.    Native Guide – Most people have a Native Spirit Guide. The native is usually African, American or Aboriginal. This Guide protects people physically, emotionally and spiritually. Also, this Guide protects people from terrible vibrations that crave to penetrate their energy field.

3.    Presenter Guide – Presenter Guide is unique. This guide is usually there for people who are in love but do not have the strength to voice what they feel. Presenter Guide helps souls by raising their vibrations for effective communication between a person and the person they love. Presenter Guides also help people that have recently died.
Tips for an Accurate Psychic Readings
Below are tips people should follow to maximize and make their psychic reading an excellent experience:

  1. A Questions list should be prepared. People can prepare a list of questions so they would not forget certain questions they want to raise.
  2. Prepare to get answers through images and icons. Some questions are unique and answerable by images and symbols that readers may not be able to always understand them. This is because Spirit Guides know things about a person that others don’t know about and they present these through these images.
  3. 3. Be open-minded and prepare the heart for truths. Answers to some questions are already imbedded in people’s hearts but because some truths are unacceptable or in conflict to a person’s ideals, they repress and conceal these. But, Spirit Guides will always reveal these hidden truths and people must be ready to face it.


Those people who have been in a near-to-death experience are those who obtained the spiritual realm’s distinct descriptions. Mystics and clairvoyants may also feel this. Dismissive is among the methods of interpretation which classifies the psychic experience into hallucination, error, fraud and an overactive imagination.

The second form is no other than the scientific approach which demystifies the encounter on a rational way. It also explains the connection as the outcome of an illness or physical deprivation. An occult explanation usually emphasizes the unusual occurrence from the philosophical as well as in the theological perspective. These range from an ordinary one up to the elaborative one. Giving a philosophic and reasonable explanation for it is typically inexplicable.

When we are ready enough to incarnate to physical life, our spiritual importance creates a delicate energy bands all over itself. This will allow our own spiritual essence in integrating harmoniously. It will serve as the bridge for us to expand our awareness starting from the physical aspect onto those that are more sensitive & spiritual realms that life has since the time we started to exist in this world.

These realms consist the portion of the auric field we have. An aura is a 3-dimensional field of energy which surrounds the physical figure in every direction. Once you have learned the way on how to harmonize the delicate energies and adjust to them, this will enable us to open ourselves to a spirit which lives within the spiritual realm.

If your auric field is stronger, it will be easier to attune these energies and the spirit forms which involve your guides. If your energy field is weaker, you have more chances to pull negative influences coming the spirit’s realm.

Forms of Spirit Guides

The spirit guides could be a highly diverse entities group. Some of them are humans while others are not. Those guides that are considered non-human can go forward with humanity. They might possess a realistic and sensitive influence on you.

The human type can be either dead or alive. The living one can be an ordinary individual who do not have their bodies at night during the time that we sleep. There could be some persons who trained themselves to leave their own bodies & withdraw the energy they have as well as their consciousness on those realms that are more subtle by means of an astral projection. Adepts, individuals and life masters who are developing spiritually are very aware about the psychic sense.

This form of a spiritual guide is the individuals who live with their bodies. The encounters with them are generally not the same with those who passed over like family and friends.

This form of the spirit guide could be those who prepare and are waiting for their reincarnation. Contact with it can be performed by astral and electric energy that are left behind by those who died. They leave from the physical life. Apparitions and ghosts are included in this category.

It is usually applied to those people who lived on earth at a time but they are now working right at the spiritual realm in order to grow. These people are serving as the teachers, guides and healers to those who are in the physical realm. Most of the spirit guides are coming from this. Modern spiritualism was recognized and categorized the tasks they may do.


Contacting spirits gives humans the knowledge that there are different dimensions of life and that people can never be truly alone. Interactions with the divine life through spirit guides awaken the intuition and creative imagination of humans. Hence, individuals can gain the feeling of love, support, and more energy for every task and responsibility.

Not every individual has the ability to recognize spirit contact. That’s why not everyone sees it for what it is. Spirit guides can approach humans through any of the sensory aspects.  People may sense them through psychic intuition or see them physically, as material beings (such as colors, images, animals, creatures or even symbols). There are moments that they manifest themselves in shadow form, passing as a subtle or indistinct shape or feel them as a warm or cold presence flowing through homes when their owners are alone or even with company.

People believe that they are the highest and only form of intelligent life in the universe. But, this chauvinist belief is not final, as there are many unrecognized and misunderstood forces in the universe, including other dimensions and beings. Upon reconsideration and open approach, humans will see that the physical realm is nothing but a slight fraction of all the worlds that exist.

People with psychic tendencies believe that death is the end of all things. Every individual possesses a spirit or a soul which is a collection of energies and that when an individual dies, this collection of energies can pass over to other dimensions or they can choose to remain in the physical realm and people can learn to coordinate with these spirits and establish connections with them. But, psychics believe that death will not instantly make all energies pure and positive. When a person of great negativity dies, the spirit will remain negative.

In every realm, physical or spiritual, there exist positive and negative energies that humans can identify. Humans have the power to decide who they permit to enter their lives, physical and spiritual. They can select their spiritual relations, just like how humans set limits and decide who they allow in their physical relations. To do this, humans must discriminate properly what spiritual connection they will have a relationship with.

Nothing within the spirit realm can cause harm. As long as people possess positivity, control, and authority over their lives, these spirit guides cannot interfere and perform chaos in them. Contact with the spirit realm is to supplement and not substitute for anything that anyone lacks in their life.

Spirit beings can have an interest to establish a relationship with anyone, and anyone can have the same. A strong spiritual relationship can be beneficial, and this can occur even without your awareness. A spirit guide can be friend and also a mentor. Many (but not all) psychics have psychic spirit guides.

Spirit guides can protect, and inspire humans to be creative and to increase their productivity. As long as their human partners are full of positive energies, and have an open heart for them, anyone can benefit from their guidance.


People have the ability to discriminate the negative spirit guides from the positive ones. They can dismiss any guides that come in conflict with their outlook so that the spirit guides won’t be interfering with their physical life. When a person establishes a good relationship with a spirit guide, that person can control all aspects of work with their guidance.

Nothing in the spiritual realm can harm a person as long as they identify it with common sense and good judgment. Much of what the public knows about spirit possessions and exorcisms are false and mostly the product of the exaggerated horror movies. As long as people lead a balanced healthy life, they will never have worries about such things, even while working hand in hand with their spirit guides.

People don’t have to be in an unconscious state or in a trance in order to coordinate and work with their spirit guides. Spirit guides can manifest in different sensory aspects and will play almost any role their human relation’s request. But, don’t be too dependent upon these spirit guides as these leads to arrogance and carelessness. People can converse and raise questions to their spirit guides if they want to. True spirit guides expect this testing and they are patient to anyone. Doubts and worries are not going to offend them and push them away. As in any relationship, trust is built slowly.

Working with spirit guides is a relationship of give and take of the human partner and the spirit guide. They are not there to do everything for their human relation but they are there to protect and give guidance. Ultimately, the responsibility and the consequences of a person’s actions or inactions, is theirs and theirs alone.

The laws of the spirits are as difficult to grasp as the laws of the natural world. Being ignorant with proper techniques, like allowing the ego to strongly influence judgments, will only slow the progress of the development. There exist no trickeries or short cuts. It does not even matter how competent or successful a person is, he still needs to reawaken and develop his higher senses.

Working with true higher soul energies is a blessing, which enlightens the mind of any person in working with the spirit. It makes them feel stronger, enabling them to reach their own goals and objectives. They will find more peace, healing, and compassion with other people. If anyone wish to commune with the spirit guides, they can initiate a contact through prayers and meditations. Prayers and meditations don’t require a wide variety of icons, images, symbols or ideas, what important is the content of the message you want to send. It is essential to be sincere. You must also concentrate on one thing and bring it within the soul. This will open up the conscious vision of the spiritual presence in the physical world and will help toes.

It requires only a few minutes a day of proper meditation to turn more energy and spirit perception into manifestation. Once begun, the person should keep enthusiasm or interest in the process or else it will impair the spiritual connection. Successful communication with spirit guides will develop clairvoyant powers and insight, and a conscious awareness of the sensitive realms of the spirit guides.



There is a big difference between entertainment psychic reading and professional psychic counseling. Seekers of psychic advice often fall for non-professional psychic readings from fraud psychics. This is because people have insufficient knowledge regarding these psychic techniques that they have no idea what to expect.

There are some people who claim they are psychics. That’s why seekers have high risks of finding inaccurate psychic readings. These fake psychics are often knowledgeable about psychic reading information, but they never really have the ability to connect with the spirits or they don’t have a strong intuition. All they do is to manipulate and fabricate a story to fool seekers (such as giving scripted or cold readings). It is now becoming well acknowledged that these networks of fake and non-professional psychics are rampant and that finding an authentic one is not only time-consuming but very costly as well.

To determine if a psychic is genuine or fake, every seeker should be meticulous and alert in doing business with anyone who assumes they are psychic. Here are some tips in identifying fraud from real:

  • Never instantly believe that a psychic is a real psychic. Fake psychics are everywhere, but genuine ones are difficult to find. The busier a psychic, the more clients they have. The more clients they have, the more likely they are accurate psychics. There are many advertisements that attempt to convince people that they offering real psychic readings with alleged approved testimonials but most of these are just old gypsy gimmicks.
  • Never instantly believe all the things that they are saying. Learn to weigh the information if it is probable or impossible. In discerning information, one must take control of his own judgment and not allow the assumed psychic to take over and manipulate your thoughts.
  • Never be too transparent. Fake psychic readers are like psychologists who can read other people’s thoughts through manifested actions (including body gestures and facial expressions). Expert fraud psychics determine a person’s weakness and they focus on that, until the person believes the fake information.
  • Fake psychics are assertive and dominant. During the psychic reading session, fake psychic readers compel the seeker to believe they are reading accurate information. When the seeker tries to doubt or protest, the fake psychic asserts that the information is correct. They will rehash the information and fabricate connecting details until the seeker finds a parcel of truth to it.
  • Fake psychics confuse the seekers mindset to make the seeker feel that they are in desperate need of the psychic’s power. Fake psychics will say that there is a curse or a negative vibration that will afflict the seeker if not repealed. The seeker will feel unsafe or troubled and they will aim to remove the negativity by availing more of the fake psychic’s services.

In summation, the widespread psychic industry is full of fraudulent activities by fake psychics who imitate real ones, so it is important for seekers to be keen in determining professional readings from non-professional ones. Seekers should research what psychic readings are all about to gain enough knowledge about it. There are real and honest talents out there, professional psychics who have honed their skills and knowledge with experience and integrity. These professionals have a heart to serve and use their spiritual gifts to help other people and not just for fame and money. Seekers must have dedication and will to find them if they are really in need of their guidance.

False: A psychic always reads your mind.

True: Psychic readers can get an indication of what’s on your mind if we focus our intent on doing so but if we did that with every person all the time, we would become tired and need mental health assistance! Aside from this, a professional reader will ask for one’s permission instead of invading his/her privacy. Thus, some things such as face reading and intuition become automatic, but psychics usually tune into it for a short period of time and only when needed. In addition, if a person does not want to be read, he/she can’t be.


False:  A psychic reader knows everything about the person.

True: Psychic is not the same as omniscient! According to Wikipedia: “Omniscience, mainly in religion, is the capacity to know everything that there is to know. In particular, Hinduism and the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) believe that there is a divine being who is omniscient.” No psychic is all knowing. A psychic reader often focuses on a certain area of concern that’s often chosen by the individual who wants to get a psychic reading. In some cases, when an individual (also called a seeker or sitter) only wishes to be read, the physic sees general information that they interpret into common or certain insights for the person. The quality of the insight depends on the question as well as openness of the person to the reader.


False: Readers will tell the person something terrible like he/she will die or get into an accident.

True: Professional readers follow a code of ethics and it does not include telling people about things that are psychically detrimental to know about or things they can’t control. Some readers consider if the reading will benefit the person. If yes and it does not violate the code, then they will tell them and give them advice on how they can improve a tough situation.


False: Psychic readers are scammers.

True: There are scammers in all occupations – Scamming lawyers, scamming doctors, scamming accountants, scamming IT professionals etc. Most psychic readers want to provide a valuable service that helps a person and doesn’t deceive them. Desperate and vulnerable individuals and those who don’t want to take responsibility for their life or don’t want to work are very prone to deception. To drive scam artists away, take ownership over your life. Some readers re-direct vulnerable people to crisis centers and other kinds of help.


False: Psychic readers often employ cold reading techniques and are fakes.

True: Often, professional readers can read clothing and hair styles, body language and facial expression as they are genuinely interested in knowing, observing and understanding other people. Cold reading is frequently used separately or together with other reading tools such as palm, tarot and astrology. It can also be employed as an ice-breaker or for illustration purposes like when connecting reading insights to what’s seen visually. Everyday people also use cold reading methods in everyday transactions with other individuals without paying a lot of attention to it. These techniques help individuals establish relationships as well as get along with other people. Fake psychic readers use these techniques to deliberately deceive others.


False: Psychics are not real unless they can provide a reading without questions being asked.

True: Psychics might pick up random facts about an individual, but they normally need a concentrated effort to read a person. Also, that person should open himself up to the psychic reading. Professional readers will want to learn certain questions a seeker wants answered as they could be there throughout the day picking up stray psychic debris or Trues that don’t have any meaning or importance to the seeker. This is just a waste of time. However, one thing that people should keep in mind is that readers and psychics are basically interpreters. They get information and interpret it into something practical and meaningful in order for the seeker to understand and relate to the response. The seeker’s question is the foundation for the reading because if there is no question, the response is possible to be common.


False: Every reader is a psychic.

True: There are some readers who aren’t psychics. On the other hand, every psychic is a reader. Being a psychic means a person has keen senses beyond the average. A reader is someone who possesses knowledge about an ancient scientific tool and is capable of interpreting a result, but doesn’t necessarily create intuitive jumps in interpreting the information collected from a reading tool like palmistry, astrology, tarot, handwriting analysis and numerology. Psychics use tools such as Clairvoyance (sight), Clairaugustance (tasting or smelling), Clairaudience (hearing), Claircognizance (knowing) and Clairsentience (feeling). They connect to the universal mind, pick up information and interpret the result. On the other hand, readers learn a system, pick up information and interpret the result.


False: Psychic readers should not charge money for their services as it is spiritual and is a gift.

True: Professional readers provide an important service that other people can benefit from. While their ability may be a gift, lots of people have gifts such as artists, psychologists, athletes, builders and actors. As everyone lives in a place that requires them to use money in order to survive, they need to earn a living and using their gifts is one of the best ways to do this. Professional readers also need to earn money to meet their needs.


False: All readers or psychics know the past, present as well as future.

True: Not all readers or psychics have the same interest or ability. Pre-cognition (future), retro-cognition (past) and cognition (present) are areas that a reader or psychic may focus on. However, it depends on their interest and ability as to how fine they can do so in these areas.


False: A psychic reading is set in stone.

True: Most professional readers believe in the combination of destiny and freewill. Freewill gives you the freedom to do what you want and change what you wish to change. Destiny, on the other hand, is something that just occurs to you and there is no way of changing it. A reader is similar to any other forecaster. They look at past acts and present situation to divine a result that’s likely to happen in the future. However, intervention or freewill can affect the prediction. This only means that no reader is accurate all the time.


False: Psychic readings are only intended for divination fortune telling.

True: Psychic readings can be used for seeing options,  strategizing, healing, personality analysis, mediation and arbitration, past lives analysis, an objective viewpoint, Mediumship, meditation, dream manifestation, expanding experience, psychic or intuitive development, making choices, planning, brainstorming and idea generation, dream analysis, career and work counseling, story development, love and relationship diagnosis, counseling, consulting services, understanding society, situations, people and self or as an economical short term option to unlicensed coaching.


False: Readers are aged, grey haired, ugly women who do their reading in dim and mysterious house spaces or living rooms that have plenty of old and strange things displayed. They have a crystal ball or odd picture cards that their long fingers as well as painted fingernails hold. Wearing a scarf over their head and with jewelry, they’re quiet but insightful and can see through the soul telling people all kinds of deep and devastating news and premonitions that leave one feeling ill.

True: Although this kind of readers exist, modern readers often have an office or use instant message, snail mail, email or phone when reading for a person during a personal session. They may not or may see sitters in person and if they do, it may be in a café, office or at a special occasion in your home, spa or trade show. Readers also look like the everyday normal people. They can be socially beautiful, vivacious, trendy looking, young, a sports mom or a man. Some readers make sure to add excitement to an occasion.


False: Testing psychics will confirm their accuracy.

True: If a seeker deliberately builds a wall and if they’re an excellent builder, the psychic won’t be able to go through it. Psychics are not invincible paranormal beings and when they give a reading, it is an energy exchange – a give and take act.

Although readings are entertaining, they aren’t meant to be a comical trick. Real psychics don’t like to be tested as they’re not magicians and are rarely capable of giving an accurate reading when being tested. They don’t want to match wits or play mind games. Psychics want to give seekers important insights that leave them feeling great.

Providing false data can confuse them and get them nervous that can leave a negative vibe. It is a poor way of testing a psychic who really wants to help others. Some psychics are focused on giving entertainment, but they still follow etiquette when performing a special event reading.

When seekers entertain themselves by confusing or tricking while obtaining a reading, they’re being unproductive and pessimistic and perhaps should not be receiving a reading from a real psychic.

Testing psychics can negatively affect the vibe of an event, particularly those events that require an uplifting and positive vibe. Thus, if you know that you have lots of guests who are sceptical and want to entertain themselves through testing a psychic, inform the psychic beforehand so that he/she can decide whether that’s the setting he/she wants to entertain or try a mentalist instead.

Generally, there are few people who have a basic interest about psychics and the paranormal world. Normally, they are just ordinary individual who prefer to develop their psychic ability, to enhance their intuitive and do the things that professional psychic do. Basically, being a psychic is not just by learning it sometime. It is a talent which must be developed in order to use it properly.

Today, there are only a handful of professional psychics who are actively performing their skill and powers in different kinds of paranormal issues. Interestingly, psychic are also capable of teaching a person all the basic to improve their psychic abilities. There are different kinds of ability and power that a psychic have and all of those are used whenever needed.

Basically, professional psychic was born with his or her talent and it was honed, enhanced and developed to make it more effective. For a psychic enthusiast who prefers to learn and develop psychic skills, here is the best chance for you. Through a strict guidance of a professional psychic, a person can learn mediumship skills that are mostly used in communicating with spirits. Developing intuition especially their senses is necessary to detect or feel the presence of ghost or other types of paranormal activities. Also, it is required to develop their senses in picking up different kinds of energy that are basically flowing or passing around them.

A psychic enthusiast can also learn hands-on healing techniques and the ability to work, communicate, and see spirits without getting scared of them. Probably, these are some of the basic abilities that a person can learn if he or she really wants to become a psychic. Today, there is a book that has all the significant information on how to develop your natural psychic skill without being guided by a professional psychic.

However, controlling those abilities will require an extraordinary capability. This is because being a psychic is not just a game. There are some downsides that most amateur psychic will experience that can change their lives. Professional psychic are capable of controlling their ability, but there are times that they can be taken by surprise. Normally, these things happen and they must be handled properly to avoid mental breakdown.

Basically, there are many things that a psychic may see and encountered which cannot be explained through science. That is why it is essential for a person to have every support for him or her to handle every situation that a psychic may experience once his or her abilities are awakened. Being a psychic can be scary at times especially if a person does not understand what is happening around them.

The capability on controlling psychic ability doesn’t mean that you are invincible. Once a person obtains this power, he/she will have a big responsibility that must be accomplished. It is said that big powers comes with a big responsibility, and that is true for most psychics. The only way to further develop those skills is to find a group of psychics. This is essential because they can provide guidance, training and protection from bad elements that you may not understand.

The ability to read a person’s mind can be called as psychic ability and sometimes, other psychics may use cards as an extension of their power. Mental telepathy and mediumship skills can be used at the same time. This is probably the best tool that can be used to communicate with the spirits. For a psychic’s point of view, the things that he or she hears and sees can greatly affect a person especially if he or she is seeking answers to someone who passed away. The problem is how to deliver those messages without fear.

Generally, it will depend on how a psychic will decide whether to tell the truth or change the message. The only reason for some people who render psychic help is to know if their love ones are happy in the afterlife. However, there are some people who do not believe in the paranormal world so avoiding them is the best thing to do.
They won’t do you any good instead of understanding your ability. They tend to mock and be scared of you. Sometimes, they are only interested in listening to stories and personal experiences that you may have. After that, they would simply call you crazy and they utter negative words that can be painful. For a psychic, anything can happen ordinarily in everyday life.

People would simply avoid you and stay clear out of your sight or make fun with you by telling you to prove your ability in doing psychic reading. The best thing to do is to ignore them. They will never understand the things that you see fell and hear especially your ability unless they can experience it in order for them to understand. The impact of these things can be very hard to avoid and accept especially if your psychic ability is new and undeveloped.

Some people want to become a professional psychic because they think they can make a lot of money doing psychic readings. What they don’t understand is that most psychics can only do a few reading a day before they become mentally and psychically exhausted. It’s a like running 1 km run. You can run 1 km run a few times a day…say 2 or 3 times a day. But you can’t keep running 1 km runs all day, every day!

Yet another problem is people wanting free psychic readings.  A person asking a professional psychic for a free reading is like a person walking into a restaurant and asking the restaurant owner for free food.  While some restaurant owners will do it, most will not. You need to decide how valuable your time is.

The ability to know and understand the feelings and emotion of other people can provide frustration if mishandled. There are many psychics that can lose everything because they could not carry the burden. This is probably the hardest part to accept and understand in the part of a psychic. However, there are ways that a psychic can avoid all of these:
• In the early stage of your ability, it is not good to tell anyone about the things that you can see and hear.
• Have different hobbies like sports, part time jobs anything that can make you appear normal. Have fun with your friends and be the person who will always be loved by your friends.
• Use your skills properly develop and enhance it until you are capable of controlling it, and never use it to take advantage with other people.
• Learn how to shut your abilities to avoid it from interfering in your social life.
• Develop a spiritual philosophy that will help you understand your psychic side and will enable you to handle different situations.


There are many people who are amazed with the fact that they are able to know their future and what the different issues in their lives means either through psychic reading or tarot reading. What most psychic do with their readings is, use their divination or their ability on seeing what the future tells for a person. Most psychics use different ways on reading a person’s future and tarot cards are some of the oldest method used since the ancient times.

It is true that there were many people who are against its use during the early times, since it involves mystery on how these gifted people can read the Tarot cards. But these issues were forgotten as soon as people gain interest with ancient religions and spirituality started.

“Wheel of Life” this is what “Tarot” means and it is known to be a deck of 78 cards that are divided into the minor arcana and major arcana as the tarot reading starts. Those that belong in the major arcana are those that represent the human’s life primary aspect, which are the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects. While the minor arcana, which consists of 56 cards, are split into 4 suits such as pentacles, wands, swords and cups. These are the ones that are used to support the cards in the major part to connect the message as the tarot cards are interpreted.

When it comes to the differences, tarot card reading can be done just about any people. It can be learned through different ways and can be interpreted by anyone reading it. But for a person to read tarot cards along with psychic reading method, the person should know how to use the power of their intuition. It is important that a person is able to make use of this kind of ability to read all of the connected readings behind the situation of a client. What makes psychic reading different from the basic reading that tarot readers do is that, they make use of certain psychic gifts that they have.

The difference with a psychic person reading tarot cards is that, the psychic reader is able to provide readings not only with the present situation but also with the future and tell about the past, as well. People should know that there are specific people who are given the gift of being a psychic or have inherited it from their ancestors. There is this line of people who are able to gain these psychic abilities due to the fact that their ancestors had it and was used and practiced by the succeeding generations.

What makes psychic reading more interesting is that, the psychic, reading the cards, is able to know the right answers for a person through the energy and intuition that the psychic has. The psychic is able to provide the answers needed by the person based from the energy and the meaning of the cards. It is sure to be the reason why psychic reading has its individuality than tarot card reading alone.

Psychic abilities are limited to very few persons. This ability is somewhat rare to have. Other people call this as a curse but there are some people who look at it in a very different way. For a person who poses this kind of ability and has the capability to use that ability into good ways, it can be called a blessing.

It is known that people who have psychic powers can see and talk to things and creatures that are in the other world. Sometimes, this capability is mistaken to be an act of psychological imbalance but most of the time they are wrong. Basically, psychic ability is an extent of abilities such as heightened perspective to discern some information about a certain person.

This type of ability uses the five types of senses that a person has. These are sight, smell, touch, feel and hearing. These senses are somehow higher in sensitivity especially for the unnatural activity. For some people who have this type of ability, they are using it to help other people in finding their love. It may sounds a bit impossible but there is no harm in believing in this.

Some psychic uses cards, crystal balls or just simply the palms of their client. They use different methods that can discern specific information about their client and the person they prefer to meet. Finding love through the use of a psychic is not new at this generation. This is actually used in some countries where people believe in myths.

In order to find live using the ability of a psychic, a person must first believe in that power. This is to ensure that the ability of the psychic will surely work on him or her. Non-believers are basically not allowed to take part in this kind of ability because they will only ruin the credibility of the psychic. Using the power of a psychic in finding love can take longer. There are certain rules and items that must be followed in order for the spell to be effective.

Also, there is certain information that must be understood before he/she can actually begin in finding the true love. For some psychic that may use the power of paranormal things, the chance of finding your love is much higher but take note there are certain risk that is associated in paranormal powers.

Some of the psychic that uses this power often finds themselves disturbed. This is because paranormal powers may require a specific power or offering that must be made to be effective. Generally, the safest way to find your live is through a psychic that uses their senses or cards in finding clues and answer about the love that you prefer. Palm readers are also one of the most effective psychics that can provide you with your wish. They only use the lines in your hands to identify certain information about you and your potential mate. However, palm readers can also read your future and this is where it becomes a bit scary especially if it’s your health and life is the topic.

One of the most frustrating experiences that a person can encounter in his life is to be in love with someone, but not being loved in return. Love is an emotion that is highly powerful. Being in love is also one the best things that can happen in a person’s life as it can even define the happiness of a person. However, experiencing an unrequited love can really be so devastating and hurting. The pursuit to happiness through love has been one of the main goals of mankind that is why they tend to make desperate moves to find relief.

People have different ways in dealing with the pain of unreciprocated love. Those who are desperate in finding satisfaction and relief would go to a reliable love psychic who has the ability to perform psychic reading. Aside from that, people would also resort to ask help with the use of ancient love spells. Love spells are believed to resolve almost all love issues and these are also designed to bring two people together. There are actually great differences between the two that you have to understand. No matter how much you want something, of course, no one wants to be involved in a relationship that could affect others in a disruptive matter.

What is a Love Psychic?

If you are having trouble with your relationship, you might want to consult to a love psychic. A love psychic specializes in offering psychic readings that primarily focus on love-related things. They can give you answers to all your questions that might be going around your mind. They lead you to different things that you have not realized or noticed about yourself. As a return, this can help you see and identify if you were making mistakes in the past which led you towards a great deal of pain and heartache. Love Psychics can also offer you some tools which are necessary to help you create a good relationship with someone. Asking help from a love psychic can be a rewarding experience that can assist you in your goal of improving yourself.

Beware of Love Spells!

In contrast to a love psychic, a love spell will not help you to become motivated to improve yourself but rather, it will offer you to have a control over the heart of someone you love. The most important thing that you have to do before you start casting love spells is to know if you really want to control the person you love. Love spell is quite the opposite of love psychic because the former will not help you to improve yourself. This will help you to have the power to control someone. If you want to be with someone who is just a product of your power, then love spell is something that you have to consider. However, if you want to build a long-lasting relationship with the person you love, it is better to go to a love psychic.

Love is a powerful source of happiness to many people, but knowing that the person you love does not love you in return is really painful. There is no need for you to control someone just to find love. Love is never about control. Be lovable and become worthy of someone’s love. A Love psychic can always help you to improve yourself.


How To Choose The Right Psychic

In everyone’s life there comes a time when professional challenges, relationship hurdles and personal setbacks require a difficult decision. Yet often we are too emotionally connected to make a practical choice.

Should you ask your boss for a promotion? Is it time to put the hard word on your long time partner? When can you pack your bags and embark on the overseas trip you’ve always wanted?

You may find your loved ones tell you what you want to hear, or are too invested in your life to give you the best advice for your future. Whilst you value the opinion of family, friends and colleagues, these important decisions require the opinion of someone removed from your life.

With a deep understanding of the ways of the world, a psychic, tarot reader or palmist will get to the heart of the issue and give you the tools and the insight to make the right decision.

Humans have five conscious senses, abilities such as sight, hearing and smell that we are all well aware and use every day. However beyond these physical human powers, our ancestors have always understood that we have so much more available beyond the boundaries of the obvious. Psychics have existed throughout history, however fear and superstition has lead to a widespread resistance in the modern world, and ignorant denial of the powers beyond our understanding in the spiritual world.
Our natural spiritual abilities are not to be feared. In fact, psychics have simply discovered the key that allows them access to this spiritual dimension. Psychics are regular people who realise the potential of our unseen reality, and have harnessed the skills to delve deeper than the average person. They have undertaken formal training and they have dedicated their psychic skills to navigate the hearts and spirits of their clients and guide them on the path to happiness.

When choosing a psychic, it’s important to choose the psychic that allows you to feel most at ease. If you decide you would like the guidance of a psychic, you are halfway there and are clearly open to the wisdom available to you beyond the physical realm. Trust your intuition. You will know when you have found the psychic that is right for you.

Some psychics offer a traditional service, and you can find them in the phone book, and visit them at their home or practise. It’s common for these ‘old school’ psychics to create a peaceful environment to set the mood and put you at ease, with dark velvet curtains and the soft scent of incense.

The second option is to engage with a phone psychic. Some people are more comfortable with this form of reading as they feel at ease in a familiar environment. It also provides the practicality of conducting a reading from your home. Whilst your physical presence is removed in this situation, when a psychic speaks to you on the phone they pick up the spiritual energy in your voice. Highly attuned to your emotional state, this allows them to connect with your spiritual being and provide you with the information you need to make an educated and insightful decision about pressing life issues.

The third option for a psychic reading is to engage with a psychic online. With highly developed intuition, a psychic draws your energy through every medium available to them, and an online reading is just as effective as one in person or on the phone. I offer psychic readings by email.

Most importantly, when you choose a psychic you must feel comfortable in their presence whether in person or on the phone. If you feel drawn to your psychic, you will know you have made the right choice.

A true psychic reading will give you a clear impression of what is happening in your life. However, be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear. This is an integral part of your healing and enlightenment, and will give you insight to make decisions for a happier future, no matter how hard they seem.

Listen to your psychic and don’t try to force a reading. Be honest, as the only person you are fooling is yourself if you defer from the truth. Never try to influence your reading, as the outcome will be counter-productive to your reason for seeking advice. It may take some time to come to terms with the results of your reading, but rest assured that sometimes you must feel pain and discomfort before the true benefits of enlightenment make their way into your life.

Some people find they actually require the advice of several psychics in different forms, and there is nothing at all wrong with this approach. Consider it your psychic version of a second medical opinion!

If you receive the same information from more than one psychic, your course of action can become glaringly clear. On the other hand, if you receive differing opinions, you will need to depend on your intuition. Listen to your heart. Three different opinions from three different psychics can be a message in itself. Perhaps you just need to trust yourself and take the plunge. There may even be less to the situation than you originally thought; you could be in the enviable position of being completely in charge of your own destiny!

You and only you can direct your future. A psychic will give you the knowledge and intuition you need to see potential possibilities and guide you in a direction towards a positive outcome, but you have free will on your side and no-one else can truly force your decisions. If you are battling between life decisions and simply can’t make a choice, choose a psychic you feel comfortable with and you can rely on a valuable psychic perspective from someone who has a spiritual connection with the next world.


Psychic Tools: Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Crystal Balls and other tools


Most Psychics use a physical tool or two to assist with their readings, including Tarot cards, crystal balls, runes and tea leaves , to name a few. Whilst some Psychics depend on a range of different mediums, most embrace the use of one in particular to clearly express their psychic voice.

There are strengths and weaknesses to each and every psychic tool, however a highly attuned diviner will overcome these limitations and harness the power of their chosen medium to divine your future.

Read on for a description of the benefits and pitfalls of the many divination tools used by Psychics and Clairvoyants today. With a clear understanding of the way in which your Psychic delves into the spectrum of your future, you can make the most out of your reading and learn from the insight it provides.

The main tools I use in my psychic readings are Palmistry, Tarot and a little Numerology and Astrology plus my psychic ability (clairvoyance)



Pros: The position of the sun, the moon and the planets is the basis on which Astrology calculations are derived. A universal calculation system is used to provide answers for an Astrology reading, leaving little room for misunderstanding or error. If you bring a copy of your chart to an Astrologer, they will provide you will a reading.

Cons: You must know your exact time of birth for an accurate astrological reading. Some people are unable to provide this information, whilst others may be uncomfortable sharing their real age with a stranger.


Tarot Cards

Pros: With complex illustrations on each card, psychic readers are presented with many possibilities when undertaking your reading. The card spreads contrast various opposing situations, reflecting the challenges and complexities of everyday life.

Cons: Each deck can differ slightly, including inconsistent numbering and variations in illustration. If a psychic reader or clairvoyant is unfamiliar with a new deck of tarot cards, they may miss critical cues in your reading and misinterpret the alternative illustrations.


Crystal Ball

Pros: A psychic reader can derive a vibrant picture of your future that is clearer than other mediums.

Cons: Generational gaps between psychic and client can lead to difficulty in interpreting or describing a visual. For example, an older psychic who is unfamiliar with modern technology may have a problem understanding a text message that appears in the crystal ball reading of a modern teen.



Pros: Druidic runes are an excellent indicator of your future, connecting your inner psyche with your human potential. Runes combine the conventional signs of astrology with the chance energy absorption of tarot readings.

Cons: A challenge for the novice psychic with their primeval, symbolic markings, runes require a highly attuned eye to interpret the meaning behind each run drawn.


Feng Shui

Pros: Feng Shui can bring harmony into your personal life and career, altering energy flows in your surroundings to promote prosperity and good health.

Cons: If you lack control over your home or work environment, you will have little power to remove obstacles and make the physical changes needed to improve the flow of positive chi in your surroundings.


Palmistry and Palm Readings

Benefits: In a palmistry or palm reading, the simple lines of the hand hold complex meaning and insight. Return visits are especially helpful to a palmistry expert, allowing them to monitor changes to your fortune as the consequences of your actions are recorded in the lines on your hand.

Pitfalls: A palmistry or palm reading must be undertaken in person. The real-life texture and malleability of the hand are critical elements in a palmistry reading, meaning scans or copies will not capture true insight into a client’s future.



Pros: I-Ching is an age-old divination technique that can be traced back 5,000 years; a psychic medium utilised by emperors in years gone by. The random tossing of I-Ching creates a hexagram, which then transforms into a clear vision for the future.

Cons: I-Ching reading requires the expertise of a seasoned, highly attuned psychic. The smallest misinterpretation can lead to significantly different readings.


Tea Leaves

Pros: Tea-leaf reading connects the random patterns left by tealeaves with the energy of the Moon and the tides. Regardless of the understated and transient nature of tea-leaf reading, a highly attuned psychic will interpret significant meaning in the life and fortune of the recipient.

Cons: The nature of this age-old psychic medium requires the use of real tea-leaves. Hence, a ‘decaf’ or tea bag used commonly today will not allow for a significant reading.



Pros: When a professional psychic prepares a client for a reading with a session, they are sensitive to the challenges of reading the mind of an anxious and apprehensive person. This leads to a more insightful outcome.
Cons: Relaxation techniques may relax the mind so much that the client falls asleep or sends out signals that are not truly representative of their day-to-day demeanour.


Ouija Board

Pros: An Ouija board allows instant contact with spirits in the next world. Intense energy from the astral plane guides the glass to letters that spell out answers to the client’s specific questions.

Cons: Many psychic visions are not aided by spiritual entities, therefore the inability to communicate vocally denies the client a chance to experience the clear picture provided by other psychic tools and mediums.



I offer career psychic readings.

Are you satisfied with your career? Do you hit the alarm each morning with a knot in your stomach? Does the idea of walking into the office make you dig deeper under the doona?

Career readings are amongst the most popular readings sought by people who are unsatisfied with their day job. Although there may be times in your life when it seems there is no way out, there is always a new path to happiness. Our gifted career psychics draw on their inborn abilities and years of professional experience to provide advice and support, and point you in a new direction towards a satisfying career.

A rewarding career is something we all aspire to. When your job provides little more fulfillment than a means to pay the bills, it seems improbable there can be a means of employment that provides gratification and even enjoyment. Does your boss make each day a misery? Do you fear losing your job? Does your role as the family breadwinner produce stress and anxiety? These are all real issues, but for each one lies a real solution. It may require a simple change in your point of view, or the big move you’ve been dreading. Either way, when you embark on a psychic forecast with one of our gifted career coaches, we identify your pain points, shed light on your future prospects and help you make the difficult career decisions that are limiting your happiness.

No matter how impossible your situation may seem, or how fearful you are of leaving your job, with the expertise and support of our psychic career coaches, you’ll be equipped with the confidence to take action.

Career psychics advise on:

The right career path for your interests and your passions
Ways to develop your existing talents
How to maximize your work/life balance
How to improve your relationship with superiors and co-workers

Whether you are satisfied in your current employment or on the look out for the Next Big Thing, our career psychics have the talent to guide you on the path to career happiness.

Career psychics for those who are employed

Are you seeking a promotion but don’t have the confidence to make a move? Do you feel you are worth more than your salary but fear approaching your boss for a pay rise? Are you self-employed and working hard towards your Big Break but don’t know where to focus your energy?

Even when you’re at the top of your game, it’s essential to remain open to the opportunities that surround you. Touching base occasionally with our career psychics is the best way to ensure you continue to put your talents and skills to optimal use.

Career psychics provide the clarity, the insight and the vision to help you focus on your strengths on the road to true career happiness. If you feel a little insecure or need reassurance that you are on the right path, a career psychic reading can confirm or advise on the ideal choices and opportunities that lay before you.

Career psychics for job hunters

Looking for a job can be daunting, whether embarking on a new career path or returning to work after years raising a family or long term unemployment.

Are your job applications being ignored? Do you jump each time the phone rings only to find it’s not a potential employer?

A career psychic reading can build your confidence, shed light on your options and guide you towards a suitable career solution. Perhaps you are applying for the wrong jobs, or your resume doesn’t hit the mark. With the gift of clairvoyance and highly intuitive psychic abilities, career psychics provide you with an informed perspective on the steps you need to take towards your new career or job prospect.

You may find yourself connecting with new people, moving in a whole new direction, or reworking your resume to bring attention to what really counts. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and a meeting with our career psychics is the first step towards career fulfillment and satisfaction.

I am a Clairvoyant.

A clairvoyant can help you seek clarity

Where is your life headed? Do you lay awake at night wondering what’s in store?

Speaking to a clairvoyant is the best way to determine what awaits you in the years to come. Whether you worry you will never find your true love, or spend hours wondering when your next big break will occur, a conversation with a talented clairvoyant will put your mind at ease.

With their innate gift of clarity and insight, a clairvoyant sees the hidden truth in your life. By tapping into the energy beyond the perception and comprehension of the average person, a clairvoyant sees things that we do not. And people often feel a sense of calm or a renewed sense of excitement and direction after receiving guidance in certain aspects of their lives.

Clairvoyants offer career advice

When people seek career advice, be it a new job opportunity or a complete change of direction, a clairvoyant embraces their highly intuitive vision to advise you on the most suitable options. With the support of these well-developed psychic abilities, you can prepare yourself to focus on the path to the most rewarding career solution.

Clairvoyants for relationships and friendships

As the years pass, some friendships bloom while others seem to fade. Our interests change as we move through the different stages of our lives, and our love relationships and friendships also change with the times.

Clairvoyants use their psychic abilities to provide relationship advice. A psychic reading is an intuitive way to identify whether a partnership with a best friend or a romantic mate is destined to last or is causing unnecessary hardship. With guidance from a clairvoyant, you can rest assured that a friendship is worth nurturing or should be set free to allow you to move on with your life in a positive way.

Seek self-discovery with a clairvoyant

There are times in life when you are so consumed with dissatisfaction that you seek a brand new perspective to set you free from your confusion. Your journey of self-discovery begins with the psychic expertise of a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyants see your life from an angle that is beyond your perception. Furthermore, they use their psychic abilities to delve deep into your subconscious; identifying and defining your memories, your past events and your emotions to help you make sense of the way you are feeling.

By connecting you with the spiritual world that surrounds you, clairvoyants empower you with a new understanding of yourself and the opportunities that exist within your life.

When you have a question about who you really are, why you feel the way you do, and where you are headed in life, a clairvoyant psychic reading will empower you with new knowledge and awareness on the path towards self-discovery.

I am a love psychic reader.

A Love Psychic reader possesses the abilities, the insight and the knowledge to guide you on the right path to true love and happiness. The role of a love psychic is to analyse the way we approach our romantic lives and give us the confidence and ability to turn it around.

Do you love yourself enough to be loved by someone else?

Is the idea of spending your life with your partner less and less appealing?

Are you losing faith in ever finding someone to share your passions and desires?

Love Psychics play a critical role in the way we approach our romantic lives on a daily basis. Whether there are ways you can improve your existing love life and relationships, or methods to change your attitude in a bid to become more loveable, a love psychic will identify the problem and put you on the path to happiness, giving you the confidence you need to embrace love in your life.

If the idea of spending the rest of your life with the person who wears your wedding ring is less than appealing, a Love Psychic can reconnect you with the reasons you fell in love. If your unidentified soulmate lives oceans away whilst your faith in ever meeting someone continues to fade, a Love Psychic will reassure you that your true love will come.

Rejuvenate your marriage with a the help of a Love Psychic

You wake each morning to the sight of your married partner and turn the other way to imagine a life with someone else. Have you lost your trust in your partner? Have you lost faith in love? There is always a way to replenish a broken relationship if both people are willing to try. A Love Psychic is a marriage counselor with an intuitive key to your soul to find the root of the issue and give you the power to heal.

Singles find happiness with the guidance of a Love Psychic

If it’s been a long time since you shared a passionate embrace, it can be hard to remain confident that the person of your dreams will find their way to you. A psychic reading will give you faith in your future happiness, guiding you away from destructive relationships and preparing you for the better choices to find the romance you are looking for.

Love Psychics provide invaluable insights and advice to those in search of Prince Charming. With their innate abilities, Love Psychics identify future love prospects and passionate adventures in waiting. Their invaluable words of wisdom provide comfort and assurance that one day your Prince will certainly come.

Maintain healthy relationships with Love Psychic readings

As time passes, all relationships require mutual preservation to maintain the affection and desire that brought you together in the beginning. Love readings and tarot readings identify ways to keep your passion alive and make sure you spend the rest of your lives in love and unity.

There is love for everyone, regardless of how disconnected or dejected you may feel. Rejuvenate your love life with a psychic love reading today!

 I offer Tarot readings.

Tarot reading is a commonly practiced method of psychic and clairvoyant enlightenment to seek insight into the past, present and future of the life of a person. The reading of a deck of tarot cards revolves around the belief that the cards can be used to gain insight into possible future situations of people seeking direction in their lives. Practiced throughout the world, tarot readings have been performed for decades by people seeking clarification and guidance in their lives.

Tarot reading can be traced back to the 15th century, where many passed the time playing with these popular cards. The actual word ‘tarot’ however, is of unknown origin.

One theory is that tarot was derived from the name of two angels call Harut and Marut, who taught magic to a group of Israelites. Another theory traces the word to the Tarot River in northern Italy, where the game is claimed by some to have originated. A third belief amongst many others, sources the word tarot to the Arabic word turuq, which means ‘ways’.

Regardless of the source, in the 18th and 19th centuries psychic tarot readings became a universal practice and remain a popular fortune telling technique around the world today.

A tarot deck consists of a set of cards featuring detailed drawings and symbols. A tarot reader will ‘read’ the cards to identify patterns, trends and energies that define a person’s current situation and predict future possibilities. Around the world, tarot decks can differ slightly with variations in symbols and drawings. However, the most commonly used tarot deck consists of 78 ‘arcana’ cards, containing 22 major cards and 56 minor cards.

The major arcana tarot cards portray four major images that influence a person’s life. The minor arcana tarot cards are divided into four suits called Swords, Wands, Pentacles and Cups. There are 14 cards in each minor arcana tarot suit.

The tarot reading process is practiced by an experienced psychic or a clairvoyant. The recipient will ask a question about their future, prompting the tarot reader to spread the cards in an appropriate way to reveal the most enlightening results. When reading the tarot deck, the psychic or clairvoyant will consider various combinations of card placements, including which cards sit next to each other and which cards appear up or down, paying particular attention to which cards display minor and major arcana features.

Due to the versatility of tarot card readings, they are relied on for many different reasons and personal situations, and tarot phone readings secure similarly informative results. A psychic phone love reading is a popular source of love advice and enlightenment sought by people in may different stages of a romantic relationship.

Due to their innate psychic abilities, clairvoyant tarot readers can reveal equally relevant and helpful information over the phone as in person, giving a person seeking enlightenment the confidence to continue on the same path, or take a different fork in the road for their future success.

More About Love Psychic Readings

Love psychic readings are a very popular topic, so here is some more useful information.

Most people seek romance at some point in their life, and everyone dreams of finding a compatible partner to share the things they love most. Marriage is a source of comfort and stability for people around the world and has been for decades. And fidelity.. well we all want a partner who is faithful, but sometimes we wonder if there is someone else on the scene.

These topics affect many people at some point in their lives. In fact, these same topics often draw people to gifted psychics and clairvoyants to gain enlightenment in their current relationship situation. Our experienced Love Psychics dedicate their entire career to this critical area of everyone’s lives.

There are many forms of psychic readings, from tarot readings to cartomancy, angel cards and past life readings. They are all sought for the same goal; to gain insight into past, present and future occurrences and provide guidance into future decisions and direction. A love psychic reading is specifically focused on relationships, and an experienced love psychic reader is adept at identifying destructive habits or actions in your love life that may be inhibiting your happiness.

Do you fantasize about a life with your best friend’s husband or wife and struggle to hide your feelings for him or her?

Have you been unhappy in your relationship for as long as you remember but don’t know if you should leave?

Is it years since your last fulfilling relationship and you wonder if you will ever meet the man of your dreams?

In all of these situations, love issues dominate your psychological and emotional awareness, impairing your judgment and inhibiting the possibility of happiness. A love psychic can put you on a more productive life path.

When conducting a reading, an experienced love psychic will identify events in your past and present that are causing the emotional relationship turmoil that has brought you to them. In guiding you through affirmative actions to rectify the current situation, a love psychic will work with you to define a clear path toward peace of mind, happiness and fulfillment.

Unhappiness can affect every aspect of your life, causing conflict at work, problems at home and rifts between family and friends. By targeting your core conflicts with a psychic love reading, you will have the emotional and psychological clarification to visualize your life with new eyes, helping you to take action and move on towards future emotional enrichment.

Before seeing a love psychic, put some thought into questions you would like answered about your love life, romantic relationships or desire to find the right person. The key to the most beneficial meeting with a love psychic is to ask open-ended questions to open the possibility of exploring every aspect of your love situation.

Psychic love readings can be personal and intense, delving into delicate issues that are blocking your chance of happiness. However, a gifted love psychic will listen and support you throughout your reading to help you find the enlightenment and relationship success that you deserve.

In the Hollywood version, the enigmatic Psychic sporting a robe dotted with signs of the Zodiac waves her hands over a crystal ball and a moment later a mysterious wind blows through the room accompanied by spooky noises. The Psychic’s voice drops an octave and someone’s deceased Uncle Louie is issuing instructions for recovering the cash from a Swiss bank account. Dramatic indeed, but much of the public image of the Psychic is simply that: image built by non-Psychics and marketed to a gullible public.

If you are considering calling on a Psychic (also called “communicator”, “medium”, “intuitive” or “sensitive”) because you hope to hear a winning lottery number or the point spread on next week’s football game, you may be disappointed. Psychic work has its place and can be both fascinating and enlightening on many levels. But in order for the consumer to take full advantage of what Psychics have to offer, some basic rules must apply.

Curb your expectations

Psychics read energy, they do not control it. While some communicators – those that work with animals, for instance – are often able to affect the behavior of a living creature, none can change the future. Asking a Psychic to try and nudge your employer into giving you that big promotion or salary increase that you’ve wanted is pointless. Nor can they affect the outcomes of events that have not occurred.

What you can expect, however, is that your behavior may change as a result of whatever you learned through your Psychic contact. A change in your behavior today will ripple through future events and may well result in the changes you hoped would come. Don’t credit – or blame – the Psychic for what happens in the future.

Psychics, Omniscients and Mind Readers

Again, Psychics read energy. They do not possess a godlike ability to see everything at once. All living beings give off energy, and a Psychic is able to pick up on that, whether in the form of the aura surrounding a person present in the room or images connected to objects and events that have happened in the past or may happen in the future. Most Psychics are sensitive to one or two types of energy and may not be able to pick up on the type you’re asking to be read. A Psychic who is adept at reading auras may not be able to receive past energy from objects or interpret that hidden in photos.

The skeptic who throws out the old “If you’re so psychic, why aren’t you rich?” line is misinterpreting what a Psychic’s capabilities are. No legitimate Psychic will claim to be able to see everything. One who does should make you want to set off running in the opposite direction on general principles.

If someone in everyday life were to make a claim about some ability they had it would be nonsensical to expect them to necessarily demonstrate it there and then or to expect them to be world champions at it. Putting the skeptic’s challenge into everyday questions might sound like this in comparison:

• If you can run, then why haven’t you won a gold medal in athletics at the Olympic Games?

• If you’ve got such good vision, then read that newspaper from a mile away.

• If you’ve got such good hearing, then tell me what music is playing on my radio back at home.

• If you’ve got such a good sense of temperature, then tell me the temperature in my office.

• If you’ve got such good taste, then tell me what I ate for breakfast.

• If you’ve such a great sense of smell, then tell me the brand of toothpaste I use.

Silly and nonsensical! These misconceptions show how ridiculous some of the questions to a Psychic are by comparison. They do nothing to foster a good use of a Psychic’s powers. It is equally pointless to ask a Psychic to read your mind or tell you what someone in the room is thinking. A Psychic challenged in this way will sometimes, in self-defense, resort to “cold reading” – using cues in the environment to construct a likely scenario. This undermines the psychic process. The energy a Psychic senses and interprets is amorphous and complex. The information comes in waves that are often wildly disconnected requiring significant clarification on the part of the Psychic and the person accessing the Psychic’s power.

Be aware of differences in types of Psychics and readings

Each Psychic has an area of specialty and specific ways of receiving information. Some are good at finding lost people or animals, for example. Others are good at tuning into the spirit world. My specialty, for instance, is predicting the future with regard to family, love, career and money.

Some Psychics can tell you what your boss really wants from you, how to motivate your staff, why your mother-in-law doesn’t like you, or how to bestow more confidence in your teenage daughter. Yet that same Psychic could not help you locate your lost cat or tell why there is a strange noise emanating from the back of your car. But that doesn’t mean that no Psychic can tell you these things. You must consult a different kind of Psychic depending on the kind of information you want.

Some Psychics hear spirits speaking to them. Or they receive symbolic, emotional or visual impressions from the Spirit world. We call Psychics who do this Mediums, Psychic Mediums or Spirit Mediums.

Other Psychics who bring information from the other world to this world are called “Channelers” or “Physical Mediums”. These Psychics achieve a relaxed, semiconscious or unconscious trance state. This allows a spirit to channel its own voice through the Medium’s body. Channelers may fall into a light trance in which they are fully aware of their surroundings and the information they receive or a full trance state during which they have no awareness or memory of the experience.

Few modern mediums perform Séances or use devices such as crystal balls or Ouija boards. Some do still follow these traditions, but most get messages through their minds. The most common physical device used is cards, either Tarot or regular playing cards. Some mediums are truly adept at the use of cards, so don’t be put off by the process.

Each Psychic is different

You may have come across a Psychic who reads with their eyes closed. Other Psychics may keep them open. I know one who insists on chain smoking throughout a reading. Many of them will ask to hold a personal item belonging to the client. Some can read over the phone or via email. Others can’t. In no way do these differences indicate a hierarchy of Psychic ability or different levels of honesty.

Police Psychics have recently become popular subjects for television and films, but all tend to be lumped into one category and seem to be portrayed in a similar way. Real-life police Psychics are as different from one another in their methods of receiving information and interpreting it as are the cases they work on. Their successes are documented and legendary.

Enter the process with a positive attitude

If you are going to spend the time, energy and money in hiring a Psychic, it makes sense to keep an open mind. Go into the reading with the mindset that you are about to hear valid and useful information that is open to interpretation. Ask questions, but don’t make the setting feel like an interrogation. The Psychic needs to be relaxed and open in order to do their work effectively. Therefore, avoid creating negative energy that may well prove to be a self-fulfilling prophesy: the Psychic fails because you set them up for failure.

There are three types of difficult customers

There are those who come to a psychic reading to test them. They arrive armed with a poker-face and sit with their arms and legs crossed, not saying a word. It’s very difficult for any Psychic to do a reading under these circumstances. This strategy usually backfires. These customers end up with poor quality readings.

There are those customers who are completely passive and who expect the Psychic to decide everything for them. They are basically saying “Just tell me what to do because I want you to take responsibility for my life”. People have free-will, so they need to understand that their attitudes and choices make a big difference in the outcome of future events. Life is more than a predestined script.

Some clients never take action, even after gaining insight into their situations. They go from one Psychic to another and then do absolutely nothing with the information they’ve been given. They are likely to criticize and complain after the fact when their lives don’t take a turn for the better.

How to prepare for a psychic reading

You can have an excellent, insightful, helpful and accurate psychic reading as long as you are prepared and open-minded. Here are some hints and tips that will help you.

1. Try to be realistic in your expectations. Before you visit the Psychic, decide what you’d like to get from the Psychic reading. Do you want information about relationships, career, finance or life’s purpose?

2. Know what you want from the Psychic. Write it down. The act of writing down your questions will make your Psychic reading more accurate and efficient as it forces you to concentrate on the specific areas you wish to address.

3. Prioritize your questions. Most Psychics will begin with a general overview of your past, present and future. After the overview, if your questions have not been answered, then ask the most important questions first. That way, if you want more clarification or you run out of time, your most pressing issues will have been addressed.

4. When you ask a Psychic a question, please give them some detail to make your question clear and specific, but not too much detail. While most Psychics are not omniscient, they should be psychic enough to determine some of the details and background for themselves.

5. Don’t expect the Psychic to solve your problems. Some problems just cannot be fixed. The Psychic might, however, be able to point you in a better direction so that you can fix the problems yourself.

6. Don’t ask trivial questions. This is largely obvious as you will have gone to the time and trouble to find a Psychic and will be paying them for their skills. What is important is to ask questions which are important to you and which you care about. The Psychic will find it easier to tune into the emotional component at the root of the question and give you a more meaningful answer.

7. Finally, don’t lie to a Psychic – most of the time they will know that you are not being straightforward with them. So if they ask you for you first name, date of birth, etc., then give them the correct answers. Don’t think “If they’re so psychic they should know”. If you do lie, you could easily end up with an inaccurate reading.

Choose the right Psychic

The best way to choose a Psychic is to ask friends for the name of someone they’ve used and who they found to be accurate and useful. However, sometimes a Psychic is very accurate with your friends reading but not so accurate with yours. There are personality issues that can create a block between a Psychic and a client, so don’t expect miracles just because a friend insists she experienced one.

Here are some questions you might consider asking the Psychic when making an appointment for a reading. There is no right or wrong answer. There are just different Psychics for different people.

  • Can you accurately predict the future?

  • Do you believe in free-will?

  • How long have you been a Psychic reader?

  • Are you a full-time or a part-time Psychic reader?

  • What are your favorite areas on which to advise e.g. relationships, career, money, etc?

  • What psychic tools do you use e.g. Palmistry, Astrology, Tarot cards, Numerology, etc?

  • Do you allow your customers to bring questions? If so, how many can they bring?

  • What should I bring with me? For example, should I bring photographs of specific people or a piece of jewelry or other item?

  • May I take notes?

  • May I tape the reading?

  • May I bring a friend?

  • How much do you charge?

  • What sort of guarantee (if any) do you offer?

Watch for warning signs

Just like in every profession, there are dishonest people. There are some immoral Psychic readers. Avoid any Psychic that talks about lifting curses for a large amount of money. Above all else, trust your own intuition. If a Psychic doesn’t seem right to you, or what they are telling you seem completely wrong, then don’t make the appointment. Stay away from any Psychic who promises to fix all your problems with one quick and easy reading.

Definitely return to a Psychic whose predictions come true! That, after all, is the ultimate test.