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Each of the star signs have their own psychic abilities. These are the psychic abilities that each sign is most suited to (although any sign can learn any ability. I believe that you can be more informed and aware of the good things that surround your star sign.

If your star sign is Aries, might as well understand that the psychic talent will be called as precognition. You will easily move throughout your life without fear and with deep courage. And even though you may get startled at times, these will not avoid you from going through your daily life struggles.
Since you keep on moving through your life the impulsive way, you really hold that intuition of guessing the things in the future. This will now help you survive all those stuffs you’ve been through. This will simply just be natural to you and this will help you develop it better. This is also because you are conscious of those signs you have received.

If your star sign is Taurus, then you need to understand that your psychic talent will be known as the psychometry. When you fall under this sign, it is just natural for you to group all things and hold on to those people whom you love. This is simply because they have a strong meaning in your life.
People and things occupy their roles in your life. They really mean a lot in your life. In fact, you can get connected with them. Apart from it, you are also able to learn those things that some people do not often notice.

When you also fall under this star sign, you are believed to have that psychic talent called as the automatic writing. You are living your life in a careless way possible. The good thing is that you collect the day and you store something within yourself.
And then, you realize that you assess all things. In addition, you also have that simple use of words even though the fact remains that they do not hone your ability of writing your words in to paper. You often you will realize so much you don’t even know you knew or felt. You also feel free and even lighter. With those constant voices in your head, these words are usually trapped in your mind and these should be poured out.

If you are one of those people who fall under the star sign Cancer, it suggests that your psychic talent will be called as DIVINATION. You want to make use of Tarrot Cards with your capability of getting a clue on a significant future event or situation.
As per your sensitivity, it may serve as a barrier as it only puts up a wall to the psychic word. Thus, this only prevents you from channelling it the effective way possible. With objects, these will support you in channelling the psychic world the best way possible. In touching a specific object, it helps you further of bringing your confidence level. You will also easily understand symbolism that permits you of seeing things already present to you.

If your star sign is LEO, then your psychic talent will be called as the CLAIRAUDIENCE. Naturally, you love it hearing a type of music. This lets you feel bigger. Music simply holds a special part in your own life. You usually will have a 6th sense with sounds. Since you are sensitive to the sounds, you just can easily pick up all those hidden meanings. You also love it helping and supporting other people. You also get fond of being spiritual. By being passionate in any music types, it starts healing you from within. You just also know how to play with the tunes and the sounds in a psychic and psychological way.

With Virgo, you usually have the psychic talent called as ASTROLOGY. You actually have the ease and convenience of picking up details presented to you. Apart from it, you are technical, methodical and confident in everything. Apart from it, you get to see the bigger picture among other details with complete understanding. It is with astrology that you become more naturally attuned with.

Your psychic talent is simply called as the Aura Reading. You are usually loved by those people who meet you. When people are around you, they feel relaxed. This is especially true if they have known you for a long time period. They can also get closer to you due to your natural ability of sensing the auras of a lot of people.
And, you exactly feel who they really are as a person in such an abstract way. Even if there are some things you want to tell them, you can explain these words to them easily. You just have the gut to talk to them without them feeling uncomfortable. You also tend to get that good feeling around the places. And, you best manage to sense that true and strong feelings.

With Scorpio, your psychic talent is called as telepathy. You just have the nuts of what people think. It also scares others just how much you know about them. You can easily transfer your thoughts to other people. And somehow, you can sense their feeling.
If you really are after making them feel happy in seeing you, you can achieve this by means of psychic ability. You are born to be in tuned with the psychic world. You also enjoy the ability of getting connected with the thoughts of other people.

Astral Projection is basically your psychic talent. Actually, you really love to explore, either mentally or physically. You also love it escaping those familiar places. You also often wake up with that feeling of having travelled other places. When you have gone to these places, you exactly get the feeling of DejaVu. It really feels like you have been there before!

The psychic talent is known as CLAIRCOGNIZANCE. In this regard, you seem to be wiser enough. This is due to your ability of knowing something without facts or logic. It is like an inner knowing for you. You get to sense if something is not right. If there is someone you should not trust, you are already aware of it. You already know when you must not do something as something bad will happen. As per your cautiousness, it may actually be related to your psychic talent. But, this can really help you a lot. Most of the time, you are also right about some things. With this psychic ability of yours, you are given with a strong intuition helping you climb later in life.

With Aquarius, the psychic talent is known as MEDIUMSHIP. And as per your wisdom, it simply goes beyond the peers and the time. This is also due to the reason that you have the knack to communicate with others through the energies and spirits around you.
With the wise words, these flow exactly through your stream of consciousness. You sometimes see something but are not sure of it. It can be pretty scary to let yourself go. This is due to the reason that you are sometimes being rational. However, you gain a lot if you permit yourself of listening to what is being said to you. And, you can also be ahead of time since you have far better knowledge than others.

CLAIRSENTIENCE is your psychic talent. When you fall under this star sign, you are often sensitive to your surroundings. This is mainly associated with your ability of receiving intuitive messages through your physical sensations, emotions and feelings from the surroundings and the people.
As per your psychic sensitivity, it may somehow be very strong. You need to keep people away from your life from drowning and overpowering your emotions and feelings. You are really amazing and you enjoy the ability of sensing the state of mind of other people. Even though you know that someone is lying to you, you still believe in the goodness of people. This can stop you from following all those intuitive messages that you receive.

Are You Psychic?

Have ever seen, felt or sensed a circumstance before it occurred? Well, that is the so-called precognition and 80 percent of the population said that they have experienced a situation like this in their lives. Did you ever get a powerful sense that you had been somewhere else before though you were not actually there and it’s your first time to arrive in that place? This is what you call déjà vu which is now popularly known as the psychic ability by most people at these days.

The truth is that finding what is psychic and which is not is a complicated task to do. Whether you believe on it or not, it could be completely controversial even in the spiritual circles. Depending on the person you asked, even within the spiritual field, you will be able to get various answers on whether every person has a particular kind of psychic capacity or whether someone is born with something that is really interesting to deal with. You can get the answers coming from different professionals. Here’s what I can say about this matter:

Although there are more people who are against of it, I would like to say that every person comes with a psychic skill. At some point, l want intuition and the capability to choose information that is present in the environment in order to alter the channel. Instead of assuming the psychic skills as something which is a component of the human body or the medium’s “biology”, empath and clairvoyant has this gift. I think that it is the universal experience that you may experience from gaining the ability to tune in. This way, you will be able to do what you wish to do when it comes to mediation, brain training and creative visualization in order to sort out the noise and to entice more spiritual signs.

Some individuals are born with more natural talents and skills compared to others. To disregard the reality will be to forget about the obvious. For instance, a blessed medium who have spent 20 years of his life in tapping into the energy and understanding the information will be more superior than somebody who gets glimpses or flashes of that information. However, there is no assurance about the actual meaning of this.

Here are some of the most ordinary forms of psychic capabilities and what they symbolize:

  • Precognition – this one is known to be the most ordinary form of the psychic experience. It is like that you know what will happen in the next day before it starts.
  • Aura Reading – the notion is that each human body comes with the energetic system which can be represented visually by the color.
  • Channeling – each good medium does some kind of channeling. They act as the conduit between the world and the succeeding one. It allows the information as well as the energy to flow from one to another.
  • Telepathy – if you love somebody and you are too much attached to that person, his or her mind and yours will merge and may allow a reciprocal access once the attention and the intention are set.

I will be covering these psychic abilities in more detail in future articles.


Spirit guides are those souls who have the goal to enhance one’s life and spiritually and physically though having spiritual awareness. These are known to be those that operates and moves at higher frequencies than what the normal body does. It is known to be the ones who guide people, protect them and watch over them through their entire stay in the earth.

There are people who get psychic reading just to know whether they can open their communication with their spirit guides and others are doing everything that they know just to open a communication with them. The skill of talking to these beings is known to be difficult and requires several tries before they are able to be connected with their guides. Some people have it, and some had it, yet have buried it along with the belief that everything can be done with the five senses.

Many people who trust individuals who are able to provide psychic reading are willing to open their sixth sense, and this goes to show that these people want to trust and accept its wisdom. If you are one of these people, you should know that aside from discovering this power, you can also take part of the power that you have felt. It is best that you will tune in with your sixth sense and be able to start a psychic connection with your spirit guide or guides. You may think that it is impossible, but there are individuals who are gifted with multiple guides, these guides are sure to be interested with your wellbeing.

So, to start your connection with your spirit guides, it is best that you start first with your psychic awareness. Listen to what you inner voice has to say and pay attention to the wisdom it teaches. Every time you do this, make sure that you will follow it, to establish the strength of your intuition.

As soon as you have established this, you will not have to get a psychic reading. Just find a peaceful place where you can relax your mind, and open yourself in starting a meditation. Ignore all possible distractions and focus on taking deep breaths and clearing up your mind. If you feel that you are ready, start talking with your spirit guide. It may sound silly at first, but as soon as you try several times and focus on what you are doing, you will realize that is does real perfect sense.

There are many ways on how you can feel the presence of your spirit guide. It can be movement of air, or any sensation of touch in any part of your body. When you feel any of these, welcome your guide and try to talk to him or her. It is given that there are many ways on how you can do your communication with your spirit guide, and choosing one, trusting it and practicing its use can help you strengthen your communication with your guide.

Never dismiss any of the messages that your spirit guide tells you, it make no sense at the present but sooner or later it sure to make perfect sense. Take time to know some information about your guide and never have to worry about getting a psychic reading since you have already established a strong connection with your spirit guide.

Most individuals who are born with special abilities tend to ignore their intuition, allowing their potential psychic abilities to be wasted. With people who are born with special gifts, only few of them realize that they have psychic abilities. This spiritual skill can be developed to become perfect.

People with psychic ability or commonly known as clairvoyants need meditation and inner peace practice sessions to keep their psychic abilities strong. However, without following certain steps, psychics can end up living in suspense. Below is a list of ten steps to improving your psychic abilities and use them correctly.


Overcome Your Fears

This is the very first step that you need to do as psychic ability and other supernatural powers can be frightening. However, fear can hinder your chances for improvement, and it can increase negative energy from the other side. This means that you need to face you fear and become brave to get in touch with the other side of the world or the spiritual dimension.

Your psychic ability will allow you to foresee unnatural things that you don’t expect. This is part of having this power and you need to embrace this gift as you’re one lucky person to have it. Think of all the good things that you can do with your psychic powers to make you feel comfortable having it.


Take Time to Relax

Falling into a deep state of relaxation is among the things that you need to undergo when practicing your psychic skills. Most people with this gift breathe or mediate slowly while giving deep concentration on nothingness. Deep state of relaxation would not only clear your mind, but also changes your brain wave patterns. This action decreases the metabolic rate of your mind and body and relieves tension.

Besides, this can also cure hypertension and improve your heart health. Meditation also serves as a temporary alternative to the prefrontal cortex, allowing you to make a better mental performance and boost energy levels. These things are exactly what you need to get in touch with the spiritual world. Just release your stress freely and breathe.


Believe in Yourself

You will not improve your psychic abilities if you have negative thoughts about your own self. Remember that negative thoughts can hinder the development of your psychic abilities. No matter how long it takes to develop your skills, have faith on your own self, stay upbeat, and never quit as you will definitely meet your goals on the right time. You can seek for inspiration wherever and whenever you can. Let go of skepticism that you have and allow your own self to give trust on your supernatural power as well as the power of the supernatural.


Improve your Psychometry Skills

The psychometry skill is among the abilities that you can get from your psychic gift. You can develop this skill by finding objects with a special history that you’re unaware of. You can touch these objects until you feel strong energy flowing on it. Try to connect from present to past and concentrate as long as you need to.

Touch these objects until you get strong feelings. Really try to connect with their past. Concentrate for as long as you need to until you feel anything connected about the history of that particular object. Just remember not to force and put pressure your own self as this can lead to frustration. Not seeing anything from a certain object bound to happen most of the time, and its completely natural.


Maintain Positive Attitude At All Times

How to practice and improve you psychic abilities successfully is doing whatever it takes for to feel content in your way of living. This may seem difficult, but it is actually easy. All you need to do is to take time to unwind for once in a while and find other hobbies that you enjoy doing. Negativity and stress are your enemies as it can hinder you from getting relaxed and inhibiting you to turn your attention and focus to your psychic abilities. This means that you need to become free spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before to you move into a deeper level of consciousness.


Expand Your Imagination

This is highly important to hone your remote viewing skills. Remote viewing is a psychic ability that will enable you to visit different places mentally and without being there physically. You can practice by imagining the places you plan to visit the following day. You can imagine anything from your friend’s houses, and even grocery stores can work. You can also imagine that you’ve been at that place before you go to sleep. Take note of the colors, people, and objects that you see in your dreams to make them always fresh on your mind.


Read Others Thoughts

You can strengthen your telepathy abilities by trying to read thoughts of other people. This gift will enable you to communicate your thoughts with other people without uttering a single word. You can practice by making a guess on what other people are thinking at the moment you see them. The best way to do this is have someone help you do it. Ask your friend or someone in your neighborhood to select from random playing cards and figure out which card they choose without giving you a clue. Doing this kind of exercise every day can actually help you develop your psychic skills. This type of supernatural powers requires deep concentration at first and take a longer period of time to develop, but can become easier to use with practice.


Do Not Use Your Psychic Abilities for Personal Interests

Psychic ability is a gift that is meant to be used in helping other people. At some point in your life, you will have a question in your mind whether to use your psychic skills for your personal interests. You need to make a choice on how to use it, and you always need follow your conscience. You also need to understand that people with this gift and tend to use it in a different manner lose it. A power like this is not given to you to be used in gambling or predicting who will win over game matches. Always reconsider using your special ability for doing well and not for your personal needs.


Use Your Psychic Powers to Resolve Differences between You and People around You

People with special gifts cannot live naturally unless they have resolved the issues between their own self and other people in the surrounding. You will not be able to develop and perfect you psychic abilities if you’re not at peace with people surrounding you. This means that you should avoid fighting, and quickly resolve conflicts in your life. You can still argue, but learn to do it reasonably and constructively work toward solutions. Trying to prove your side with anger can result to havoc and hurting other people, and this can worsen the existing problem. Besides, meditating can become difficult if you’re carrying personal issues with other people.



Frustration can arise after trying everything that you can, and you still not seeing improvements. However, you need to push yourself further and practice wherever you go whenever you have a time. Developing your psychic ability is actually a hard work and you need to push yourself to its limits before you hone your skills for perfection.

Clairvoyance and Clairvoyants

If you want to become a clairvoyant, you need to have a full understanding of clairvoyance. As what some people know, Clairvoyancy is one of the most popular fields of paranormal studies.

Innumerable TV programs have shown psychic clairvoyant activities from which sick individuals were recognized from the audiences and their conditions were diagnosed, criminal concerns solved and plain guesses accurately done about simple things. Aside from these, there are many other things that you can actually hear from stories of clairvoyants.

Meeting a clairvoyant, most supposing “experts” believe that it is only the sense that all people haven’t developed yet or that they don’t have. People who acquired access to clairvoyance are provided with great knowledge, a glimpse of both past and the future, and in other cases, the capability to hear and see events before they have happened. Those who access clairvoyance acquire it due to the awakening of their already-existing internal power. You only have to become more connected with the world instead of allowing logic take control of your life. To view things on this deep level, a clairvoyant needs to bring in their spirit and minds completely.

Becoming a clairvoyant simply requires sheer practice and effort. Take note that only rare people acquire it, normally through a profound spiritual awakening or a close death experience. Your initial step includes assessing your present level of psychic power awareness. If you wish to regain your psychic powers, which actually exist within you, taking some meditation may help. It will help you improve self-awareness enabling you freely access the thoughts.

Through meditation, you will be removing your stress and negative beliefs. Ensure that those negative energies will never come back once you release them. Being a beginner, you may only view color, a sudden vision of event, sense emotion or maybe hear some voice. Make sure to hold that information and gain knowledge from it. After you get used to relying on these instincts, your visions will be developed giving you a greater understanding of the things or events taking place.

You may also want to use Yoga, which is another well known technique used to becoming a clairvoyant. It efficiently expands and develops an individual’s spiritual connections. You may also want to gain information of reference books so as to develop your understanding regarding the different used symbols and signs in clairvoyance. Increasing with clairvoyant powers, you may begin using palm readings, dream interpretation and palm readings.

Clairvoyants have released their energy by freeing up the negatives in their lives. Having to do this also, you should take a serious glimpse of your family, work life and home, and adjust when needed. You may want to do this through aura cleansing. This technique won’t do any harm to anyone. It will only get rid of the negative energy that surrounds your environment. You can effectively do this by being accompanied by a crystal imagining yourself being cleansed with white light.

After you finally become successful for becoming a clairvoyant, you will be entering a completely new world. It may bring you popularity locally and even worldwide. However, above all you will acquire an incredible feeling of satisfaction once you help others by this ability.


Psychic Dreams and Clairvoyance

In a limitless and timeless dimension each night you are able to step into a new realm through your subconscious. This place allows your mind to take control of your psychic powers and dream. Dreams are influential to us and allow us to make predictions and experience things we may never be able to in the conscious realm.

Many (but not all) Psychics have psychic dreams.

Dreams Take on Three Different Types:

Precognitive Dreams

This kind of dream takes on the role of predicting future events. For example, you may dream of someone who you have not seen in ages and then you actually run into them the next day or so. Precognitive dreams are amazing and not only predict good, but are capable of predicting negative things such as death. It is common for these dreams to reveal to you even the smallest of details that may take place in a future event.

When interpreting these types of dreams you will need to make sure it is a precognitive dream and not just a personal thing that the person relates to which builds in the person’s psyche. It can be difficult. Another reason it can be hard is the event may not take place right away as some of these types of dreams do not fulfill for years.

Telepathic Dreams

If you have ever had a dream that someone you knew was ill and later found out that they were or had been in the hospital then you have had a telepathic dream. These types of dreams allow you to touch the consciousness of someone else revealing their thoughts, life situation, actions, and so forth. Telepathic dreams are amazing and once the telepathic channel is open during a dream nothing can stand in the way, not even distance as you can connect with someone from a different continent or as close as someone in the same house as you. If your soul is close to another, nothing can stand between your dreams.

Clairvoyant Dreams

The remarkable thing about these dreams is you are able to psychically connect to a situation that might have taken place or even an object. Social events and natural disasters are examples of things that you might dream about. For example, you may be dreaming of a horrible earthquake that hit some part of the world and you wake in the middle of the dream to find the news reporting an earthquake on the other side of the world. When things like this happen the dreamer’s clairvoyance is amplified. These dreams offer evidence that we are joined to the body of the Earth and changes can be perceived by our minds in the dream state.
Along with these types of dreams there is also Psychic Spying. This ability is just like it sounds. Someone actually spies on others through dreams to find out secrets about the other person. This amazing ability is can be learned by training your psychic mind. You should never invade someone else’s privacy.

All of these types of dreams can be hard to identify but an intuitive mind can differentiate between them. You can adopt this approach as well as do some follow up such as call a friend if you dreamed they were sick to see if everything is okay.

Each of us has the ability to improve psychic skills within ourselves. We are all capable of feeling the energy that is around us. We are all also capable of discovering the psychic energy within ourselves. In order to improve psychic skills within yourself, you must be willing to be open to things around you. You must be able to see things from a neutral point of view. You should be able to focus your mind. You should also have a positive state of mind. By combining all of these ingredients when trying to improve psychic skills within yourself, you will create a recipe for success.

The first step to improving psychic skills within yourself is to be open to all the things that are around you. You should often take a look at the many things that surround you daily. These things may include nature, weather, people, and situations. You will want to carefully examine the sounds that surround you. Take the time to smell things close to you, such as flowers and aromas from cooking foods, and similar items. By doing these things, you are learning to use all of your five senses. It takes the ability to use all of your five senses before you can properly develop your sixth sense.

The second step to improving psychic skills within yourself is to have a neutral point of view on things. It is important to be positive as much as possible, but to understand that it is often not to develop a strong set of opinions on things. When an individual has a strong opinion on things, they may often suffer in the ability to be open to the things that surround them. You must ALWAYS be open to the things around you. You must be willing to accept all possibilities. It is then that you can improve your psychic skills.

It has been discovered that most psychics are very positive. There are not many famous psychics that are negative people. Psychics understand that positive energy is required to create psychic energy. You should make sure that you try to be as positive as possible. This is a great method to use when you are trying to improve psychic skills within yourself. If you find that you experience a negative situation, simply try your best to find the positive in the event. You should think positive about all the things that are part of your life. This includes your work, your hobbies, your friends, your relatives, and everything else.

When trying to improve your psychic skills, do not forget the importance of meditation. Meditating will help you to focus your mind, use your senses, and remain positive. All of these things are necessary when improving psychic abilities within yourself. Be sure to practice meditation often to ensure that you remain aware and alert to the psychic energy that surrounds you.

In order to use meditation to improve your psychic ability, you must understand how to properly meditate. The following outlines some simple steps that you can use in order to meditate effectively:

The first thing that you will want to do when practicing meditation, you will need to find a specific area that you can use to perform this task. You should make sure that there are no distractions. Many may choose a quiet room, while others perform a remote and peaceful area in the park or the backyard.

  • Many individuals who meditate find that if they play soothing and relaxing music in the background, it helps them to concentrate. You should decide if this option is right for you. If so, carefully select meditative music that you can play.

  • When people think of meditation, they often visualize the standard yoga sitting position. While this position is effective, it is not necessary. You may sit on the ground, or in a chair while meditating. It is important to remain as comfortable as possible. This will allow you to focus your mind. However, you should attempt to keep the back as straight as possible.

  • Once you are ready to start, simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing. It is important to breathe out in a slow manner.

  • As you continue to breathe in and out, it is important that you relax more and more. During this time, you will experience a number of thoughts and feelings. It is important to pay special attention to these. These thoughts and feelings will help you to improve your psychic abilities.

  • You should start off by meditating at least fifteen minutes a day if you wish to improve your psychic abilities. As time progresses, you can focus more on spending more time in each session.

  • Once you have completed your meditation session, you may open your eyes.

  • You should document important details regarding your meditation session in a journal. You will be able to learn a lot based on the information that you place in this that can help you to improve your psychic abilities.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can work to improve your psychic abilities. If you wish to find out more on how to do this, there are many resources you can use. There are many books in local community libraries that may help you to learn to improve psychic abilities. Books that contain information on thinking positive, self awareness, awareness of the world, self-improvement, and meditation are also helpful. You can also find a lot of information on the internet pertaining to improving psychic abilities within yourself.

In order to seriously enhance your psychic abilities you must determine the most powerful and efficient way you receive those impressions. As everyone has their own dominant mode of getting Psychic information you must find out your preferred sixth-sense mode.

According to the modern theory of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) most people have a preferred sensory mode – ways we like preferentially like to gather, store and recall information. There are three principal modes: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

You can tell your preferred sensory mode in a number of ways and the simplest is by simply noticing what kind of words a person likes to use when they describe something.

A person has a visual preference if they say something like “I see what you mean”, or “I can picture myself in that situation”. The words “see” and “picture” have visual elements. People with a visual preference like bright colors. They think in visual images.

A person with an auditory preference may say something like “I hear what you’re saying”, or “I understand you loud and clear”. The words “hear” and “loud” have auditory elements. People with an auditory preference tend to be able to speak and articulate themselves very well. They listen very closely to what you say. They also tend to read out aloud.

Some people have a kinesthetic preference. Kinesthetic refers to feelings, actions, sensations and movement. Thus, a person has a kinesthetic preference when they use phrases like “I feel for you” or “Let’s touch base tomorrow”. The words “feel” and “touch” have kinesthetic elements. People with a kinesthetic preference like to touch people and objects and enjoy luxury and have strong emotional responses.

In the same way that people have a sensory preference, psychics also have an extra-sensory preference or dominant psychic mode. Your preferred sensory mode is usually related to your preferred extra-sensory mode. Psychics manifest these modes in a variety of ways:


Clairvoyance (Inner Vision)

The word Clairvoyance is made up of two words joined together which simply mean ‘clear-seeing’. Clairvoyance is the amazing ability to see an image relating to a person, object, location or event that is not physically present to the viewer. The image could relate to the past, present or future. For example, they may see an object which is connected to you in some way but which is related to something which happened in your past. They may see an object in the present but which may not be physically present – an object or person which is lost, for example. A Psychic whose dominant psychic mode is Clairvoyance is called a ‘Clairvoyant’ or ‘a Seer’. The Clairvoyant ‘sees’ these psychic images in their mind’s eye, rather than with their physical eyes. A vision impaired person can still be Clairvoyant! Some Clairvoyants can walk around once their eyes have been bandaged closed as easily as a person with their eyes wide open.

A Clairvoyant may see images by looking into a crystal ball or by looking at Tarot card images. Different Clairvoyants see the images in slightly different ways. Sometimes the images appear as vivid daydreams instead. The images are usually literal but sometimes they are symbolic, and need to be interpreted by either the Clairvoyant or the client. Clairvoyance may be distinguished from the visual hallucinations (experienced by people with some mental conditions) when the visions reveal accurate information that the Clairvoyant would not or should not know.

Do you see visions in your mind’s eye?


Clairaudience (Inner Voice)

As with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience simply means ‘clear-hearing’. It is the special ability of hearing sounds that are not physically interacting with the ears of the hearer. It can refer to hearing either sounds or voices. These voices can be the Psychic’s own ‘inner voice’ or they may be the sound of people’s voices. These sounds are usually heard through the ‘inner ear’ rather than through the physical ear.

Now we have all heard of people who have some kind of mental problem who ‘hear voices in their heads’, but this is a known medical condition and nothing related to Clairaudience. Again, a Psychic who is Clairaudient hears sounds or voices which reveal accurate information that the Clairaudient would not or should not know.

Do you hear sounds and voices in your mind’s ear?


Clairsentience (Inner Sensing)

Clairsentience is the special ‘clear-sensing’ ability to sense the feelings and emotions of other people, whether those people are physically present or not. ‘Psychometry’ is a sub-set of Clairsentience where the Psychic is able to obtain information about an individual by merely touching or holding an object that belongs (or belonged) to that person. For example, a piece of jewellery may be held by the Psychometrist and they can tell you about the wearers life, problems, feelings and opportunities.
Do you get sensations of other peoples feelings and emotions?


Claircognizance (Inner Knowing)

Claircognizance is the special ability of obtaining information by just becoming aware of it and ‘knowing’. It is the amazing ability to know something without knowing how or why you know it. Some people describe this as a strong intuition, a hunch or a gut instinct.
Most non-psychics are able to understand and relate to Claircognizance more easily than any of the other psychic modes.
Do you ever just know things without knowing how or why you know them?
Of course, some people have multiple psychic modes. This is truly a gift, but this ability can be acquired through training and constant practice.


How to determine your dominant Psychic mode

Read through the following paragraph a few times to memorize the scene. Or listen to the recording (press the play button) or have someone read it out for you.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax fully. I want you to imagine yourself on a tropical island. See yourself there. See yourself lying on the beach. See yourself lying on a dry towel. There are palm trees all around you. Get up and walk barefooted to the water’s edge. Feel the texture of the hot dry sand for several steps and then the cool, wet sand for a few more steps. Feel the hot sun warming you. Hear the waves gently breaking on the sand. Spend a minute listening to the waves while looking at the Palm trees. Most of the waves are gentle, but some are big waves that hit the sand with force. Listen closely to the waves. Listen a little more. Hear the seagulls’ cries above you. Look up and see some seagulls flying above you. Open your eyes.

Answer the following questions after doing this exercise.

1. Could you see yourself lying on the beach?
What were you wearing?
What colour was your towel?
What colour was the sand?
How many palm trees did you see?
How many seagulls where flying above you?

Clear visual images indicate that your dominant mode is Clairvoyance.

2. Could you hear the waves breaking on the beach?
How many gentle waves did you hear?
How many big waves did you hear?
Could you hear the seagulls’ cries above you?
How many seagull cries did you hear?

Clear auditory sounds indicate that your dominant mode is Clairaudience.

3. Could you feel the sand underneath your feet?
How many steps did you take on the hot sand?
How many steps did you take on the wet sand?
Could you feel the hot sun shining down on you?
On what parts of your body was the sun directly shining upon? Your head? Face? Back? Left shoulder? Right shoulder?

Clear sensory impressions indicate that your dominant mode is Clairsentience.

4. Answer the following questions as quickly as you can.
What is the name of this island?
Where is this island located?
How did you get here?
Who else is with you?
Someone is casually watching you. Who is it? Describe this person in detail.

Fast and decisive answers to these questions indicate that your dominant psychic mode is Claircognizance.

Well, that is your first step in discovering your preferred psychic mode. As I said, you may develop other modes as you progress and you are not limited to only one mode. If you have not completed the exercise yet I encourage you to go back and try – you will gain an insight into how your brain prefers to handle information, if nothing else!

If you have completed the exercise – great! You have taken the first part of your quest for psychic knowledge. If you want you can develop this further and make up other scenes to act as confirmation. See how deeply you can get information about the scene – how sharp you can make the pictures; how faint a sound you can detect; what sensitivity of touch you can feel and so on.

When you first start out developing your psychic sense you may have some perfectly natural initial doubts:

“How do I know it’s really my intuition talking?”

“How do I know I’m not just making things up?”

“How do I know it’s not an overactive imagination?”

This is one of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to using or developing their psychic abilities.

The fact is that our intuition is always switched on. It is always giving us information. Imagine a radio station, playing constantly and quietly in the background. The music is there even if you don’t really hear it. A little bit like a constant sound coming from the back of your car. Every once in a while you may become conscious of it but usually it just blends into the background. A pleasant view, a gentle sound or a hunch can quickly get lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. But because your intuition is always with you, it colors your life through your thoughts, emotions and moods. Subconsciously, you are absorbing information from it all day long. This is how we get ‘gut-feelings’, hunches, flashes of insight and instincts for a situation. Our subconscious sends us intuitive information, and suddenly something hits us as being ‘off’ or not quite right. On the positive side we may feel ourselves incredibly drawn to a particular person, an idea or a situation. Sometimes our hunches show up as an ‘Ah ha!’ moment of insight. These are the ways our intuition usually communicates with us.

Now, how can we consciously try to access our intuition? How can we get answers to very specific questions? In other words, how can we get information about the issues we are working on now?

There are several methods we can use. We can sit down and meditate. We may dowse the answer. We can use various divination methods. We can use tarot cards, runes, angel cards, or any other tool we find attractive or to which we feel drawn. In effect, what we are doing is turning up the volume on that psychic radio. At the start we may be a little confused or disappointed. “This can’t be my intuition,” we think. “It’s only my imagination.” We think that because the little psychic voice inside us sounds just like our own. It does not seem inspirational or earth-shattering.

However, the music of our intuition has been running quietly in the background all our lives. Is it any surprise that when we turn up the volume every song seems familiar? There are no lightning bolts, no Angels singing Hallelujah, no fireworks, no striking visions that remove us completely from reality. No burning bushes. No booming voice resounds in our head, gifting us with crystal clear revelations that change our lives. That’s the Hollywood version, but that’s not how it happens in real life.

The voice of your intuition is a quiet, familiar voice. It’s your own! They are your own thoughts. Your intuition is a part of you! It’s been with you every day of your life. The difference is that now you’re paying attention. You are focusing. When you consciously tune into that little voice, those images, those thoughts and those feelings you need to learn to trust them. Believe in your own inner wisdom. Act on what that small, quiet, familiar voice says.

Your very first impression is your psychic intuition. Be confident. Don’t doubt it.

Subsequent impressions, the ones you dwell upon, analyze, fantasize, rationalize, moralize, and question are your imagination, logical mind, assumptions, prejudices and fears.

Trust your first impressions, your psychic intuition.

Trust your gut instincts and see how your life unfolds.

If you have ever held an item, and had strong feelings about it, you have probably already experienced psychometry.

Psychometry is the ability to gain impressions from objects by holding or touching them. This ability allows you to sense an object’s history or obtain information about the person who owned the item.

Psychometry is sometimes referred to as ‘sensing with the fingers’.

This article describes four exercises that will test and then help develop your psychometry skills.

The first exercise is a psychic warm-up exercise. Do this exercise first and remember to relax when you do all the exercises.

Also, be patient. Some people get amazing results immediately. Others may have to spend months, or even years, gradually developing their psychic abilities.

You may find it easier to practice these psychometry exercises with a friend. This will allow you to test each other. You can also encourage and congratulate each other as you make slow and steady progress, as well as give each other immediate feedback.

You may wish to record all these exercises onto a cassette tape or even onto video. That way you can review the exercises and your results.


Psychometry Exercise 1 – Warm-up

Sit down in a comfortable chair. Ensure you are in a room where you won’t be disturbed. Have something to hand which you wish to psychometrize. It’s best to start with small objects that you can easily hold in your hands. Good objects are handwritten letters or cards, a piece of jewelry, a watch, a key, or anything with some history. A recently purchased or acquired item is not a good choice.

It’s best to use objects loaned to you by a friend. That ensures they can give you feedback about the individual item’s history or information about the items previous or current owner.

You will find it easier if you close your eyes while doing this exercise.

Pick up an item and hold it with both hands. What thoughts, images and feelings come to mind? Don’t rush. Stay relaxed. Don’t try to interpret or analyse these psychic impressions. Also, don’t try and force impressions. Don’t try too hard. If you try and force results you will probably get absolutely nothing. If, after a few minutes, you don’t feel that you have got any impressions then just try again another day with a different item. In the initial stages of your development you may be more sensitive on some days more than others. Some objects may be able to hold stronger vibrations than others.


Psychometry Exercise 2

First, do your warm-up exercise.

Next, stand up. Close your eyes. Ask a friend to hand you an item that belongs to them. Hold the item in both hands. Take your time, then say out aloud what you are receiving. Say what you sense even if it feels strange or even wrong at the time. You may even feel that you are making things up, but just keep going.

Get feedback at the end of this exercise, not after you each item that you psychometrise. Waiting until the end will ensure that you don’t get discouraged by any ‘misses’ during the exercise.

Try this exercise with as many different people and objects as you can. You may find that sometimes you can psychometrize objects easily while at other times you receive absolutely nothing. Initial failure is normal. Don’t worry about not getting information spot-on either. Indeed, psychic impressions are largely beyond your control and may take some time to develop.


Psychometry Exercise 3

This is a very difficult exercise. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t get any initial results.

Start with your warm-up exercise again.

Then, ask a friend to put out several items on a table. Turn your back. Ask your friend to pick up just one item and hold it for 1 minute. While they are holding the item your friend must imagine that all their energies are flowing from their mind and body out through their fingers and into the object. They must do this with all their heart and soul. Have them replace the held, energised item with all the other items. Ask your friend to turn around so that you can’t see them and get any clues from their reactions. This is very important. Now you turn back around and pick up each object in turn. You should feel your friend’s energy more strongly on the item they held and energised than on any of the other items. Identify the held item and ask your friend to confirm that you chose the correct item.


Psychometry Exercise 4

This is another difficult exercise.

Again, start with your warm-up exercise.

Ask a friend to handwrite several short notes. Use a separate piece of paper for each note. They only need to write one or two sentences per note. The notes can be about any topic. They should write something truthful on all but one of the notes. The odd-one-out should tell a blatant lie, for example, “My name is Mary” when her real name is Susan. Ask your friend to fold each note in half so you can’t read it. Mix the notes around. Pick up each note and feel its energy. Don’t read the note! Try and identify the note that contains the lie. You may need to feel the notes several times to note the difference between them. Depending on your individual reactions the ‘lie’ may feel cooler or warmer or it may make your hands tingle or any other reaction that makes it somehow feel different from the others. You will need to be aware of all your reactions and note which one stands out as being different. Ask your friend to confirm that you have chosen the correct note.

After you have finished each exercise, wash your hands with soap and warm water. This releases any negative energy that you may have absorbed from the items you were holding.

Your psychometry skills will improve each time you practice these exercises.

To focus, means to make a mental effort to be aware.

Here are a few exercises that will allow you to become more aware of psychic experiences around you.

Paying attention.

Messages from your psychic intuition are very faint. They are a whisper, rather than a shout.

You must practice focusing on these quiet messages, or you won’t perceive them.

A first, you will find it difficult distinguishing between your thoughts and your psychic intuition. You will think that you are making it up. Here is one way to tell the difference. Psychic intuition makes you feel peaceful, balanced, confident and positive. Your psychic intuition speaks to you in a calm, soft, soothing way.

Here are some exercises.

  1. Next time you go for a walk, try and predict the color of the first car coming towards you.
  2. Next time your are about to be introduced to someone, try and predict their first name.
  3. If you about to ask someone their starsign, try and predict it first.
  4. When you are facing multiple elevators, try and predict which one is going to arrive first. You can also try and predict hom many people are going to step out of the elevator.
  5. Next time you are at the supermarket or a large department store, glance quickly at the checkout operator. Don’t look at their name tag. Try and predict the checkout operator’s name.
  6. The next time your telephone rings, don’t look at the caller ID. Try and name who is calling you. You can also try the same thing when someone knocks on your door.
  7. Try and predict the weather in a few days time. Don’t try and predict it for tomorrow, as weather patterns change slowly. Try and predict the weather in 3 days time. Write your prediction in a diary. (we will cover psychic diaries in a later article).
  8. Try and predict the general theme of the main newspaper headline in a few days time. If there is a dominant current event occuring at the time (election, sporting event, etc), then try and predict the 2nd or 3rd newspaper headline. (The current event will dominate the headline). Write your prediction in a diary.

If you practice these exercise often, your ability to focus on psychic experiences around you will increase considerably in as little as a few months.